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The International Federation for Human Rights Condemns Israel’s Ongoing Violations

The International Federation for Human Rights statement yesterday on Israel’s defiance of the orders of the International Court of Justice is exerpted here:

“I am personally proud of the ruins of Gaza, and that every baby, even 80 years from now, will tell their grandchildren what the Jews did,” said Israel’s Minister for Women’s Advancement, May Golan, at the Knesset on 19 February. This statement, among many others, indicates that the Israeli government is not abating nor showing any remorse for its actions that prompted the ICJ to acknowledge the plausibility of Israel committing genocide against Palestinians and the order for six provisional measures. These measures require Israel to take immediate steps to protect Palestinians’ rights, prevent and punish the commission of genocidal acts and incitements to genocide, and enable the provision of humanitarian assistance.

Israel has utterly failed to comply with the Court’s order. Documentation by Palestinian and Israeli NGOs, international institutions, as well as media reports, suggest that violence towards civilians has continued unabated... Last week, Israel gave a three-week deadline before starting an offensive in Rafah, which by all accounts would be catastrophic to the 1.5 million Palestinians who have already been displaced there. As emphasized by the International Committee of the Red Cross, there is no option for evacuation as “there is simply nowhere else for the people to go."..

Israel’s next target Rafah is the main point of entry for delivery of humanitarian aid into Gaza

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