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Voting booth. CC/Phil Roeder

Tuesday’s unexpected, stunning message to both the Democratic and Republican Parties, in the form of the 101,000 “uncommitted” votes in the Michigan Democratic primary cast against the United States’ immoral policy of supporting Benjamin Netanyahu’s mass murder in Gaza, exceeded the stated objectives of its “Listen to Michigan” organizers by one order of magnitude. They were able to generate ten times their desired 10,000-margin voter shift into the uncommitted column! 10,000 was the difference recorded in the 2020 Presidential election in favor of Joe Biden over Donald Trump. Listen to Michigan’s purpose, while it focused upon and consisted largely of an Arab-American-based electoral mobilization, was to make visible and palpable the widespread dissatisfaction and rejection by the majority of the American people of our government’s criminal, and, in fact, illegal involvement in advancing and supporting imperial perpetual wars of depopulation, specifically in Gaza. The Mayor of Dearborn Abdullah Hammond, whose city boasted a 56% “uncommitted” vote—meaning that President Biden lost the primary election to “uncommitted” in that city—warned: “If the White House is listening, if our congressional leaders are listening, if our state leaders are listening, we need a change of course or we risk the complete unraveling of American democracy come November.”

He is right; but something far bigger than that is of greater threat and concern to the world, and therefore, to America. In an interview with Deutschlandfunk, former NATO Gen. Harald Kujat (ret.), responding to the question, “Do you have information that there are Western soldiers on Ukrainian territory now?” Said, “Yes, there are. There are American soldiers there. However, not in the, so to speak, in the official version, as a combat troop of the United States, but in the form of advisors and so on.” General Kujat said this was true of France and Great Britain’s militaries as well. “One of the crucial arguments that I have been introducing in the discussion for months now is … that it is not about, as the supporters say of [deploying the German cruise missile] Taurus, cutting off the Russian combat forces from their supply from the motherland…. It is about attacking strategic targets in Russia.

“For example, on Dec. 26, 2022, the Ukrainians with drones attacked an intercontinental strategic airfield in Engels, near Saratov, where the [Russian] nuclear-strategic bomber fleet is stationed. That is such a strategic target. Imagine that you would have hit the nuclear weapon camp with these drones. Then we would both no longer be calling each other today.” As with the mad Col. Jack Ripper in the 1964 film “Dr. Strangelove,” thermonuclear war by miscalculation, or by mad design, “will not be televised.” There will be no warning; it will just begin.

That is the climate of madness, to which the commitment of more funds by the United States Congress to NATO’s “Utopian” doomed adventure in Ukraine will only contribute. The hostile fantasy worldview shared among Anglo-Americans such as the likes of Victoria Nuland—"We will tighten the noose and force Putin to come to the table in a serious way,” she said, in an interview with Christiane Amanpour—can, if dollars, logistics and manpower are attached to it, lead far more quickly than any suspect, to thermonuclear World War Three.

To prevent that, Truth must defy silence. President Lula of Brazil has not only defended, but even strengthened his characterization of the crime in Gaza: “what I want to say loud and clear is the following: the Prime Minister of Israel is practicing genocide against women and children. That is a historical fact…. I won’t remain silent in the face of genocide.”

It is not only world leaders that must do this; patriots, and world citizens must do this also. Independent candidates for office, such as New York Senate and Congress candidates Diane Sare and José Vega, are now standing up for truth in the United States. If the captive populations of the trans-Atlantic world lose hope in the truth, or remain blind to the truth, then the world may very well soon be doomed, not by necessity, but by their choice.

Worldwide reaction continues to American serviceman Aaron Bushnell’s self-immolation on Feb. 25. Clearly, Bushnell’s action indicts an American political system whose leadership has left its youth with no hope that their voices will be heard, except, possibly, by making themselves a human sacrifice. Such youth have lost any efficient connection with the power of the General Welfare principle included in the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States. For them, neither the leaders of the nation, nor its people, in their actions or goals, any longer embody that principle of the General Welfare. Is that, however, necessarily so?

The horrific, if heroic, action of Bushnell, shows that all the vacuous speeches and posturing about “democracy” and “America, the greatest country in the world” is not accepted by many of its own soldiers, charged with killing and dying for what they know or suspect to be unjust causes. They also know that tens of thousands of innocent people in Gaza have been slaughtered, cruelly sacrificed, not beaten in war. Bushnell’s patriotism and conscience led him to take his action, and his life, but if we value his life, we must ensure that it is the last action of its kind. Implementing the Oasis Plan provided by Lyndon LaRouche; spreading cultural optimism through the study of Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s “Ten Principles for an International New Security and Development Architecture"; these, and their implementation should be the living memorial to Bushnell, and to the tens of thousands sacrificed in Gaza, “that these dead shall not have died in vain.”