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No NATO Ground Troops into Ukraine, Insists Scholz

TASS reports prominently that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has reiterated in a video posted on X that “NATO is not—and will not be—a party to the war. It will continue to be this way,” Scholz said in a video posted to his X page. “We do not want Russia’s war against Ukraine to turn into a war between Russia and NATO. We agree on this with all our allies…. This also means: no German participation in the war,” the Chancellor went on to say. “And I will say clearly: as German Chancellor, I will not send Bundeswehr soldiers to Ukraine. This is something our servicemen can rely on. And you can rely on it.”

He said that Germany, together with partners and allies, is nevertheless increasing its support for Kiev. Most of all, he urged, the Ukrainian military currently needs ammunition and weapons, especially for air defense.

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