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Americans Block Airports & Highways, Vote Uncommitted, Demand U.S. Cut Support for Israel’s Genocide

March 13, 2024 (EIRNS)—Today hundreds of protesters, both young and old, blocked entrances, security lines and the road leading up to San Francisco Airport’s huge International Terminal for several hours. Their largest banner read “Stop the World for Gaza.”

During the height of Monday morning’s commute, March 11, protesters blocked all lanes of traffic on the I-95 interstate highway near one of the Richmond, Virginia exits for four hours. Some of the protesters tied themselves together using chicken wire, PVC pipes, and two ladders to ensure no one got by. Their demand: ceasefire now. The Richmond protest was one of various roadblocks thrown up around the country this past weekend in acts of civil disobedience to save the people of Gaza. For example: such a large number of cars participated in the Saturday, March 9 car caravan in Cleveland that downtown traffic and the roads near the international airport were disrupted for hours.

Chalk up another strong showing won by the grassroots movements organizing voters to vote “uncommitted” in Democratic primaries in protest against President Biden’s participation in Israel’s genocide in Gaza, this time in the Tuesday, March 12, Washington state primary. No final tally is in yet—the count has yet to be completed because of the state’s universal mail-in ballot regimen—but at 88% of the vote counted, over 58,000 uncommitted votes had already been registered, way over the organizers’ goal of simply doubling the 2020 uncommitted vote of 6,000. As were the uncommitted votes in Michigan, Minnesota and other states, the protest vote was organized on a shoestring budget in only two weeks’ time.

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