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Another ‘Flour Massacre’ Kills at Least 30 Hungry Palestinians

March 15, 2024 (EIRNS)—There was another massacre last night of starving Palestinians awaiting trucks carrying desperately-needed relief supplies. According to reports gathered last night by Middle East Eye, dozens of Palestinians were killed and injured by Israeli helicopter and tank fire on Thursday evening, March 14, while they were awaiting an aid convoy at the Kuwait Square in Gaza City. The Gaza Health Ministry said today that at least 30 people were killed, 21 of whom were brought to Al Shifa Hospital. Reports were that about 150 more were wounded.

The IDF claimed today that it had conducted an “intensive preliminary review” showing that it wasn’t involved in the shootings. “A review of our operational systems and IDF troops [on the ground] found that no tank shelling, airstrike or gunfire was carried out toward the Gazan crowd in the area of the aid convoy,” the military said, reported the Times of Israel. They claimed, instead, that armed Palestinians opened fire on the Palestinians waiting for the aid trucks to arrive, and “the Palestinian gunmen continued to shoot as the crowd of Gazans began looting the trucks.” They added that their investigation continues.

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