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March 10, 2024 (EIRNS)—Media report this morning that a U.S. Army cargo ship carrying components of Biden’s temporary pier is on its way to the Mediterranean. The USS General Frank S. Besson left a base in Virginia on March 9, and was on its way to the Eastern Mediterranean with equipment for pier construction, reported AP.

Meanwhile, a Spanish ship, called Open Arms, and owned by an NGO that normally uses it to rescue migrants, has been loaded up in the Cyprus port of Larnaca with pallets of rice, flour and protein for Gaza. It’s expected to depart at any time for a trial run of the maritime sea route to Gaza. A spokesperson for World Central Kitchen (WCK), which is a partner in the operation, said the intention was to sail to Gaza, where WCK and partners were building a jetty. It was not related to the U.S. jetty project.

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