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Blackwater Founder Insists, ‘West Should Move To End Ukraine War’

March 3, 2024 (EIRNS)—Erik Prince, founder of the American private military company Blackwater and former Navy Seal, was interviewed on PBD Podcast on Feb. 29, where he leveled harsh criticisms at the current Ukraine war policy of the U.S.

During the two-hour interview with host Patrick Bet-David, Prince commented that “We need to bring this war to a close because all Ukraine is doing right now is destroying itself demographically,” adding that hostilities are “chewing up the next generation of Ukrainian manpower,” which will be almost impossible to replace. “The Western defense base is pathetic and you’re not going to out-conventional war the Russian bear,” he said, reported RT.

Prince also asserted that, “It’s not the American taxpayer’s obligation to spend another hundred billion in Ukraine when there’s been significant corruption and really nothing to show for it.”

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