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China Reminds the U.S. That UNSC Resolutions Are Binding

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian. Credit: Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

March 27, 2024 (EIRNS)—China found it necessary, yesterday, to remind the Biden Administration that UN Security Council resolutions are binding on all UN members. “Security Council resolutions are binding,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian told reporters in Beijing yesterday. “We call on the parties concerned to fulfill their obligations under the United Nations Charter and to take due action as required by the resolution. We expect the state with significant influence [the United States] to play a positive role on the party concerned [Israel], including by using all necessary and effective means at their disposal to support the implementation of the resolution. The Security Council must continue to follow closely the situation in Gaza and get ready for further actions when necessary to ensure the timely and full implementation of the resolution. China will continue to make unremitting efforts together with all parties to bring an early end to the fighting in Gaza, alleviate the humanitarian catastrophe, and implement the two-State solution.”

Lin was responding to comment made by U.S. Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield, that the resolution passed by the Security Council (with U.S. abstention), which “demands” a ceasefire during Ramadan and which could lead to a permanent ceasefire, is non-binding, a position that has been repeated over the last two days by State Department spokesman Matthew Miller. Miller claimed yesterday that the resolution is non-binding because “it does not impose any new obligations on the parties.”

Russia and Egypt also hope that the resolution will be implemented right away.

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