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Dynamite Tape Exposes NATO in Ukraine, Plotting Attacks on Kerch Bridge, Arms Depots

Kerch Strait Bridge. CC/

March 1, 2024 (EIRNS)—RT and Sputnik today released a dynamite, leaked recording and transcript of a Feb. 19 exchange among four top German military officials discussing long-range missile operations in Ukraine, and potential attacks on Russian arms depots and the Kerch Strait Bridge connecting Crimea to the Russian mainland as of 2018. The conversation makes clear that the United States, the U.K. and France all have military personnel in Ukraine now, carrying out functions. The discussants confer in detail on options for how the Bundeswehr might carry out tasks related to missiles and training, without appearing to do so.

RT and Sputnik carefully use conditional terms for the authenticity of the recording, such as “alleged,” and “purported,” but qualified listeners so far regard the taped conversation as sounding genuine, beyond what even top AI could produce. The Sputnik carried the headlines this morning: “Leaked Audio: German Top Brass Said To Implicate Brits in Plot Targeting Crimean Bridge” and

“Full Transcript of German Top Military Officials’ Leaked Plot to Attack Crimean Bridge.”

The four military men are identified as Brig. Gen. Frank Grafe, Department Director for Operations and Exercises at the Air Force Command in Berlin; Lt. Gen. Ingo Gerhartz, Inspector of the Luftwaffe, and two officials at the air operations center of the Bundeswehr Space Command.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova commented on the leaked audio, by pointing out, reported in Sputnik, “the hybrid war unleashed by the West against Russia is currently in full swing.”

The officials are heard discussing the details of the two battle plans they are trying to work out, striking Russian arms depots, and knocking out the Kerch Bridge. For example, one says. “I would like to add something regarding the destruction of the bridge. We’ve been intensely studying this issue, and unfortunately, we’ve come to the conclusion that due to its size, the bridge is akin to a runway. Therefore, it may require more than 10, or even 20 missiles.”

They confer on the problems of how to train Ukrainians in operations for the new missiles, without going there. One idea: “Direct communication with Ukraine will only be through MBDA [missile manufacturer], which is much better than if such communication exists with our Air Force.” Another responds, “We have to make sure that there is no language that makes us a party to the conflict.” He also mentions they can’t be seen going by car through Poland. In the course of their discussion, they clearly refer to the Americans, British and French personnel on the ground in Ukraine.

Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche today stressed that these revelations are “a game changer.” They are a “monkey wrench” in the works of the entire NATO war-making operations. “They are really big!”

She pointed out that for Germany, the conduct of these operations is “potentially criminal.” Germany itself is not under attack, and so cannot be said to be lawfully planning a counter-attack. The actions of Germany described on the tape cannot be called “defensive.” Germany has not declared war, and is not a party to war, and so cannot be said to be lawfully engaged in war-making actions. The UN Charter and all codes of international relations are conspicuously violated.

The unfolding scandal exposed in this recording highlights the point of the call made today at the weekly meeting of the International Peace Coalition for citizens, groups and nations to mobilize against the war paradigm causing genocide in Gaza, the two-year toll of destruction and death in Ukraine, and the extreme danger of spreading regional, and potentially all-out nuclear war.

There are dramatic expressions of people responding to the call to end the madness. Look at the Michigan Democratic Party primary election on Tuesday, Feb. 27, where well over 100,000 people voted for “uncommitted” against the Biden/Washington war machine. In Britain yesterday, former MP George Galloway was resoundingly elected to Commons in a special election to fill a seat emptied by the death of the incumbent; he is a leader of “No to NATO” and a long-time, outspoken leader against the war machine.

Tomorrow will be an internationally important meeting in Michigan, “Emergency Conference for Peace in Gaza: The Children of God Call for Justice!” People from the interfaith community of Dearborn and the civil rights network of Detroit, and other participants will rally for action. The mistress of ceremonies will be Anastasia Battle, of Humanity for Peace.

The advance notice for the event states in part, “We, the citizens of the world, bring our people together above our nations, our ideologies and our differences for the common good of humanity. The acts of Genocide upon the people of Gaza by Israel has brought the world before the stage of history and we cry out for Justice. The International Court of Justice has declared Israel must end their acts of Genocide upon the people of Gaza. Have they? The United States has played a complicit role thus far in allowing such an atrocity to happen which we swore to the world, ‘Never Again.’ We gather together not only to declare the moral courage of our people but to assert the universal thread that connects us all, the love of ALL mankind. Humanity was born for that which is better!”

Other actions in the United States include rallies tomorrow in many cities, for ceasefire, justice and emergency humanitarian intervention in Gaza. They were described on CGTN TV today by Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK. Appearing on the World Today program, she was asked about the impact of all these actions. Benjamin answered, “Do these add up? Yes, they do. Are they enough? No.”

Now is the time to mobilize ever more strongly, and to succeed in making a world shift to peace-building, by backing the Oasis Plan approach to stop the genocide in Gaza and resolve the Palestine-Israel crisis. The same principle is required worldwide, for pursuing common development projects to build the future together. Long advocated by Lyndon LaRouche, the principle is, “Development is the name for peace.”