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French Military Voices Calling for Immediate Ceasefire in Ukraine

March 7, 2024 (EIRNS)—At a time when French President Emmanuel Macron has just repeated in the Czech press his desire to send NATO troops to Ukraine to confront Russia directly, some French general officers, gathered in the “Cercle de Réflexions Interarmées” (CRI), are preserving their honor.

The group is supported by the Saint-Cyrienne, the Association of Support for the Army of France (ASAF) and the National Association of Retired Career Officers (ANOCR), which grew out of the Sentinelles de l’Agora, a club of non-active senior officers and generals.

On March 4, they launched the following open appeal for a ceasefire in Ukraine:

“Call by the Circle of Joint Military Thinking (CRI) for an Immediate Ceasefire in Ukraine:”

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