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French Protests Against Macron’s Mooting of Troop Deployment to Ukraine

March 3, 2024 (EIRNS)—Protests took place in Paris yesterday in opposition to French President Emmanuel Macron’s comments on Feb. 26 that he wants to leave the option of sending French troops to Ukraine on the table. It’s unclear how many were gathered, but judging from the videos it was at least several thousand.

The crowd was spirited, patriotic, and directing their anger at Macron, NATO, and the EU. “Macron, go to Ukraine alone,” they chanted, and carried signs or banners which read: “We are not willing to die for Ukraine,” “Let’s stop pumping weapons into Kiev,” and “For a peaceful solution in Ukraine.”

On the front stage, some demonstrators tore up EU and NATO flags, then brought out a French flag to much applause and cheering.

“We came to say that we do not agree with the escalation of the Ukraine conflict. Lawmakers should demand this issue be debated at the parliament and put to voting as enshrined in the French constitution,” Florian Philippot, leader of The Patriots party, who initiated the protest, told TASS during the rally.

“Long live free France! One of our goals is France’s withdrawal from NATO. This alliance is constantly pushing us toward war and looking for enemies. And the EU is following suit,” he said.