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‘Panic of the Ruling Class’ as Their Weaponization of ‘Anti-Semitism’ Died in Gaza

March 13, 2024 (EIRNS)—For decades, the Western “liberal” Establishment has eliminated or suppressed opponents of their rotten system by smearing them as “anti-semites,” often making up that charge up out of whole cloth, as was done against the outspoken American advocate of peace between Israel and Palestine, Lyndon LaRouche. Or more recently in the operation which succeeded in kicking British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn out of his party altogether in March 2023.

Israel’s genocide in Gaza, carried out with the support of that Western Establishment, has finished off that game, former British ambassador and human rights advocate Craig Murray contends in his insightful article on “The Panic of the Ruling Class.”

The “anti-Semitic” label worked against “the popular uprising that led to Jeremy Corbyn being placed as Labour leader,” Murray reminded. “A deliberate and calculated campaign to apply the term to any criticism of Israel was ultimately successful in destroying Corbyn and his supporters as a short term threat. So the demonisation of criticism of Israel ... was the most important tool, by which [the ruling class] managed to kill off the most potent threat to their political hegemony to arise in a major Western country for decades.”

But the dynamic has changed. “The Israeli genocide in Gaza has collapsed this narrative. Too many people have seen the truth on social media. Despite every attempt by the mainstream media to hide, obfuscate or distort, the truth is now out there. The reflex hurling by the Establishment of the `anti-Semitic’ slur at everybody who opposes the genocide—from the United Nations, the International Court of Justice and the Pope down—has finally killed off the power of that slur.”

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