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Southcom’s Gen. Richardson Says, Our Neighbors’ Crises Are Opportunities for U.S. To Move In

March 21, 2024 (EIRNS)—Oh, for a return to a “Good Neighbor Policy,” in which the United States cooperates in the sovereign development of its Western Hemisphere neighbors!

U.S. Southern Command Commander Gen. Laura Richardson instead gave a fine rendition of Teddy Roosevelt’s imperialism in her appearance March 19 at NATO’s Atlantic Council bastion, right down to her brazen assertion that, when U.S. neighbors face “times of crisis,” they are actually “opportunities, because it’s our opportunity to get in there.”

Richardson used the interview to lay out U.S. conditions, with mafia-like “offers you cannot refuse,” if these neighbors do not “draw the right conclusions” from U.S. “concerns” over the economic and diplomatic cooperation which many have established with Russia and China, which today’s “Team U.S.A” view as “strategic competitors.”

EIR News already reported her statement that Haiti’s crisis must be resolved according to U.S. plans, or “U.S. boots on the ground” may be required. Three other threats were most egregious: that China’s deep space facility in Argentina must be closed, that Chinese state enterprises be driven out of Panama, and that Nicaragua’s regime be “gotten rid of.”

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