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German Government Pushes Schoolchildren To Denounce "Rightwing Videos’’

March 8, 2024 (EIRNS)—On Feb. 28, Deutschlandfunk radio interviewed Jörg Müller, head of the Brandenburg Office of Domestic Security Services (Verfassungsschutz), on the right-wing threat in social media and gaming, with focus on the wide reach that AfD has achieved on TikTok.

Müller reports that he is engaged in turning schoolchildren into denouncing their parents. He talks about his visits to schools: “I ask every school class, how often have you actually reported a right-wing video? Often this is not done and then I get feedback a few weeks later that they have now reported videos.” He asks the children to use the reporting function eagerly, as it is also easy to use: “All you have to do is tap! And I would always recommend doing the same.” He relies on mass reporting: “I actually believe that the companies also have their counting methods. They also have technology behind them and if channels are reported often enough, they are blocked, deleted or at least the content is scanned.”