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Hungary’s Orbán: Those Calling To Send NATO Troops To Fight Russia Are ‘in Another Galaxy’

Viktor Orbán. Credit:

March 23, 2024 (EIRNS)—"I feel like I have arrived in another galaxy,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told a radio program on March 22 after participating in an EU summit in Brussels, according to TASS. He explained that a number of Western countries are now openly discussing the “unthinkable” possibility of sending troops to fight in Ukraine, which could trigger World War III. First it was just ammunition; then it was tanks, now its troops, he said. “What seemed absurd and unthinkable just two months ago has now become a reality; this is what they call the spiral of war,” Orbán noted. He warned that “if a NATO country enters into military operations against Russia, it will mean the start of World War III.”

He said that Brussels was still being guided by “the logic of war.… I feel like I have arrived in another galaxy.”

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