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Is Jared Kushner Selling ‘Valuable Waterfront Property’ in Gaza?

March 20, 2024 (EIRNS)—Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner unleashed a storm with his reference to Gaza’s “valuable waterfront property” during the interview he gave Feb. 15 to Prof. Tarek Masoud, Harvard’s Middle East Initiative faculty chair. Prof. Masoud was reportedly startled by Kushner’s remark that “it’s a little bit of an unfortunate situation there [Gaza], but from Israel’s perspective I would do my best to move the people out and then clean it up,” Haaretz reported March 19. Establish a Palestinian state? “A super-bad idea,” he said, because “it would essentially be rewarding an act of terror.”

Move the Palestinians where? Well, “I would just bulldoze something in the Negev, I would try to move people in there. I think it’s a better option, so you can go in and finish the job.” Unabashedly, Kushner told Prof. Masoud, “I don’t think that Israel has stated that they don’t want the people to move back there afterwards,” when asked if there were fears that Prime Minister Netanyahu wouldn’t allow displaced Palestinians to return, he replied “maybe.” He also suggested another option, that Egyptian President El-Sisi has firmly rejected, that “with diplomacy” Palestinians might be evacuated from Rafah to Egypt.

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