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Is Ukrainian Military Planning a Coup Against Parliament in Kiev?

March 15, 2024 (EIRNS)—Sputnik, citing “correspondence on a closed resource obtained by Russian specialists,” [reported]( yesterday that the Ukrainian military, dissatisfied with the policy of the country’s leadership, is planning the takeover of Kiev’s Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian unicameral parliament. Sputnik says that it obtained the correspondence of the chat participants, which showed that the participants discussed a swift takeover of the Verkhovna Rada and attracting the military to their side. “The most important action that we will need to pull off lightning fast is the takeover of the VR [Verkhovna Rada] at a certain point,” one of the chat participants wrote.

Earlier this week, a source in the Russian law enforcement agencies told Sputnik that Russian specialists had gained access to a classified Telegram channel titled “ParaBelum,” where commanders and fighters of elite units of the Ukrainian armed forces are “seriously discussing options for overthrowing the current authorities and the command of the Ukrainian armed forces.”

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