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Kremlin’s Peskov: Russia Finds Itself in a ‘State of War’ from the Actions of the Collective West

Dmitry Peskov. Credit:

March 22, 2024 (EIRNS)—Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov gave an exclusive interview to Argumenty I Fakty journalists on March 22, before the deadly terrorist attack in Moscow later in the day which killed at least 60. Peskov stated: “We are in a state of war. Yes, this began as a special military operation, but as soon as that clique was formed—the collective West plus Ukraine, when the collective West became a participant on the side of Ukraine—for us it became war. I am convinced of that. And every person should understand it, for their own internal mobilization.”

Argumenty I Fakty further paraphrased and quoted Peskov as follows:

[Paraphrase.] Russia is continuing to act in such a way that Ukraine’s military power becomes unable to threaten the security of its [Russia’s] citizens and its territory.

“What does the President say? We have four new constituent territories of the Federation. For us, the main thing is to protect our people in these areas and to liberate the part of their territory that is currently de facto occupied by the Kyiv regime,” Peskov said.

[Paraphrase.] According to [Peskov], Russia cannot tolerate the existence on its borders of a state whose documented intention is to use any methods whatsoever, to take away Crimea, not to mention the territory of the new regions.

Later, Peskov added for clarification: “Essentially, after the collective West entered all of this, it turned into war. De jure it is an SMO [special military operation]. De facto for us it turned into war after the collective West more and more directly has been increasing the level of its involvement in this conflict. That is, the changes have occurred in the essence of things, not in the juridical sense.”

Peskov’s remarks are making headlines everywhere, with spins on many of his points, although he has been clear enough for months. For example, in December 2023, Peskov told NBC News that Russia’s fight remains a “special military operation,” but said the West’s efforts against Russia were indisputably a war, citing what he called “direct” involvement of foreign countries in the conflict and U.S.-led economic sanctions. “If it’s not a war, then how would you like to call it?” Peskov said then. “We call it war.”