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Kujat Tells Radio Interview, Accept That Ukraine Has Lost the War

March 23, 2024 (EIRNS)—In a March 21 interview with Berlin-Brandenburg radio (RBB), former German Gen. Harald Kujat (ret.) calls “utter nonsense” the idea that Ukraine would be able, just with more ammunition, to drive the Russians back. More supplies for Ukraine would only mean that they “can use their artillery again for a few days, a few weeks.” What they really lack, however, is the ability to conduct “mobile, offensive combat operations,” which would enable them to push the Russians out of the country: “The Ukrainian armed forces have not been able to do this for a long time.” That would not change if Ukraine got the Taurus long-range missiles from Germany, but would escalate the entire conflict and pull Germany more into direct confrontation with the Russians.

In addition: “The Ukrainians must be justifiably worried about whether support will continue to the same extent as before.” The problem “is the United States,” Kujat says. After all, it’s not just about funding, weapons and ammunition—"the Americans are doing much more.” For example, the Ukrainian offensive last year was developed in cooperation with Ukraine, but “essentially by American and British military personnel.” The Americans provided Ukraine with information “in order to be able to wage the war at all.”

Whether the $61 billion aid package that has been under discussion for months will be approved in Washington at all is not foreseeable. The EU had “achieved a lot so far,” but could not make up for the decline in U.S. support. Nevertheless, “it is important that this continues. That is what the Federal Chancellor also wants to achieve. We must give Ukraine the certainty that this support will not be cut off.”

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