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March 17, 2024 (EIRNS)—French President Emmanuel ("the Nerve of War") Macron said last night that he is ready to discuss de-escalating the Ukrainian situation with Putin. “I will pick up the phone [if Putin calls]. Because I feel that this is my duty. And I will listen to what he proposes. France’s role is to be the nerve of the war. On the one hand, we must give Ukraine everything it needs to enhance its defense capacities, but on the other hand, we must promote de-escalation. We need to reach a lasting fair peace. If he happens to offer something, I will listen to his proposals,” Macron told Ukraine television, reported TASS.

TASS reported that Putin had said on earlier March 16 that Moscow is ready to cooperate with France if Paris is interested. Putin described having good working relations with Macron, disrupted, however, by the French leader.

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