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Mexican YouTuber Ran an Hour-Long Program on LaRouche’s Oasis Plan

March 20, 2024 (EIRNS)—Antonio Valdez, a YouTuber with a wide following in Ibero-America (161,000 subscribers) who has covered the LaRouche movement in the past, ran an hour-long broadcast on LaRouche’s Oasis Plan today. He began with a 45-minute interview with Dennis Small, followed by the full 14-minute TLO video on the Oasis Plan (dubbed in Spanish). Throughout the interview, and in the notes in the listing, the upcoming April 13 Oasis Plan international conference was advertised and promoted, and the link to register was provided. The video, on his YouTube channel, “El Mercurio Ahora o Nunca,” had over 2,000 views within six hours of posting.

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