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March 15, 2024 (EIRNS)—The war waged by the Malthusian lobby and its green-climatist zombies against the Messina Bridge, to connect mainland Italy to Sicily, continues, even including war propaganda.

The bridge, whose construction is planned to start this coming summer, will be the longest single-span suspension bridge in the world (3.3 km), and will withstand the strongest earthquakes and the strongest winds in the area. Its deck has an innovative aerodynamic design that was licensed to the Turkish Canakkale bridge. Its towers will be 376 meters high and the span will be 76 meters above sea level. It will have three road lanes in each direction and two rail lines, which will be connected to the high-speed line (over 300 kmh) on the mainland. Both passenger and freight trains can cross over the bridge, which will complete the Scandinavian-Mediterranean corridor (Helsinki-Palermo). It will allow the shortest cut from the Suez Canal and from North Africa to Central and Northern Europe.

Opponents, led by Italian Green Party leader Angelo Bonelli and “Sinistra Italiana” head Nicola Fratoianni, are now claiming that the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Messina Bridge has given a negative opinion on the executive project, issuing 64 recommendations.

Committee coordinator Prof. Alberto Prestininzi countered the fake news in a statement to ANSA news agency, stating that the Committee gave an unanimous positive opinion. “The committee is an independent organ, established by law, composed of nine experts appointed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation, in agreement with the Sicily and Calabria regions. As a result of our collegial activity of study and analysis in every discipline contained in the project’s report, on the updated project of the bridge over the Messina Strait, we have given a favorable opinion.”

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