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NATO Operation Nordic Response 2024. Credit: NATO

March 8, 2024 (EIRNS)—As this publication has repeatedly insisted, the world is now standing closer than ever before to the outbreak of a civilization-ending war among the world’s superpowers. This danger has only been increasing as geopolitical blindness and a belief in the supremacy of the “rules-based order” is pushing Western officials increasingly into a direct conflict with Russia. Nations like Finland and Sweden have now joined NATO, bringing that military alliance up to Russia’s border, while the largest military exercises since the end of World War II are now ongoing, for the first time modeling a response to a theoretical attack by Russia on a NATO country.

In such a situation, even a small misunderstanding or incident can trigger something which quickly spirals out of control. The safety is off, and humanity is in uncharted territory.

In this context, the U.S. Embassy in Moscow on Thursday, March 7, released a hair-raising statement warning of “reports” that large terrorist attacks may take place in Moscow in the coming hours and days. No actual evidence was cited, but it will nonetheless raise the levels of tension even further across the world. The statement by the U.S. was quickly followed by at least half a dozen other nations releasing similar statements

Further underlining the utter moral and intellectual bankruptcy of America’s leadership was President Biden’s State of the Union Address on March 7. Not only did Biden make Putin and Russia a major focal point in his speech, vowing to “not bend to Putin,” but his leading opponent Donald Trump chastised that Biden “didn’t stand up to Putin, he gave Putin Ukraine” and was a “Puppet for Putin and Xi.”

During the Friday meeting of the International Peace Coalition on March 8, Helga Zepp-LaRouche referenced the statement by former Gen. Harald Kujat last August, who said that, with the increasingly failed Ukrainian military and logistical situation, NATO will come to the point where it must either accept a diplomatic solution, or militarily escalate even further against Russia. It unfortunately appears that the war-hawks in the trans-Atlantic have chosen the latter and are blind to the implications of their madness. Therefore bold and courageous efforts from citizens around the world are needed to change course.

This same geopolitical madness is also wreaking havoc in Gaza, as Israel’s intentional starvation of the population is now reaching the point of no return. The nearly half-million people blockaded in northern Gaza are now reportedly eating grass in hopes of surviving, and worse is coming soon if this policy is not quickly reversed.

In response to some of the discussion on Friday’s International Peace Coalition meeting, Zepp-LaRouche summed up her view with the following:

“I think the only way we as a humanity will get out of this crisis is that we stop thinking in geopolitical terms. The Wolfowitz doctrine has to be put into the trash can. And then we have to start to relate to these other nations in Brazil, in Indonesia, in India, in South Africa, in Nigeria, in Egypt, and all of these other countries as normal partners on an equal footing. I think we have to educate the Americans and Europeans, who have had this terrible arrogance, thinking that they’re so much better; that they’re the good ones and all the other ones are evil. This is complete nonsense.… I think that the real task to stop this war is to convince the so-called collective West that we should be friends with the Global Majority. And then, all the problems would be very easy to solve. I think we have to build a movement based on that idea, because I don’t think anything less will solve the problem.”

The way to do that, she emphasized, is one: Organize for the Oasis Plan for Southwest Asia; and two: Organize for a new security and development architecture to replace the obsolete NATO and geopolitical “balance of powers” as a whole.

“We have to get this debate, we have to give ourselves an order which allows for the well-being and survival and happiness of all countries on the planet. That may sound complicated, but I do not think that any lesser concept will address the problems which we have today,” she concluded.