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RT Exposes How Nuland Was Fired in Switch from Russophobia to Chinaphobia

March 14, 2024 (EIRNS)—RT published on March 8 an article from the Russian daily Kommersant by its columnist Sergey Strokan, under the title: “Is This the Real Reason Why Victoria Nuland Quit?” with the kicker: “Biden and Blinken chose a China hater over their chief Russophobe. This may have pushed her over the edge.”

In yet another effort to explain the surprise March 5 dumping of Victoria Nuland as Under Secretary of State, where she acted as primary architect of war planning against Russia, Strokan cites the appointment of Kurt Campbell, the former National Security Council coordinator for Asia and Obama’s leading Asia hand, to replace Wendy Sherman as Deputy Secretary of State after Sherman retired in July 2023. He noted that Nuland had taken Sherman’s place temporarily, and was widely expected to be permanently appointed, but Blinken chose Campbell in November 2023, with Senate confirmation on Feb. 6, 2024.

Strokan then quotes AP: “‘President Biden’s choice of Kurt Campbell signals a desire to continue the efforts begun by his predecessors decades ago to shift the focus of U.S. foreign policy to China as the major challenge facing America in the future.’....

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