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Russia Updates Its Count of Mercenaries Fighting in Ukraine

March 15, 2024 (EIRNS)—The Russian Defense Ministry has been keeping meticulous track of foreign mercenaries fighting in Ukraine almost from the beginning of the special military operation. According to its latest update, issued yesterday, at least 13,387 foreign mercenaries have traveled to Ukraine to fight for Kiev, with some 5,962 of these confirmed killed, reported RT. Ukraine’s western neighbor Poland, which has been one of the strongest supporters of Kiev during the conflict, has provided by far the largest number of mercenaries, with 2,960, the ministry data show. Over half of these, some 1,497 Polish nationals, have been killed during the hostilities. The U.S., Kiev’s main sponsor and donor of military aid, has provided some 1,113 mercenaries, at least 491 of whom have been killed, according to Russian military estimates. Poland and the U.S. are followed by Georgia, Canada, U.K., Romania, Croatia and France.

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