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Russian Ambassador Thumbs His Nose at Polish Foreign Ministry

March 26, 2024 (EIRNS)—The Polish Foreign Ministry complained yesterday that Russian ambassador to Warsaw Sergey Andreyev did not show up when summoned to answer Polish charges that a Russian missile violated Polish airspace, during an attack on Ukraine overnight March 23-24. “The Russian ambassador did not arrive at the Foreign Ministry,” Polish diplomatic service’s spokesman, Pawel Wronski said, reported TASS.

Andreyev later explained that there was no point in keeping the appointment, because, he said, the Poles have no evidence of the airspace violation. “They tried to summon me to the Foreign Ministry this morning for a meeting with one of the deputy ministers. They said the topic was yesterday’s incident, when an alleged Russian cruise missile crossed the Polish border and stayed in Polish airspace for a full 39 seconds before flying away. I asked if evidence would be presented, and I reminded them that they had already made similar claims last year on December 29. When we asked for evidence, there was no response. But since I understood from the response of my Polish colleagues that there would be no evidence this time too, I considered that in this situation the meeting would be pointless and declined the invitation,” Andreyev told TASS.

“Now they intend to send us a note on this issue. This is their right. We will receive it, we will consider it, maybe we will respond,” the ambassador noted.

In the December incident, the Poles believed that a missile had entered their airspace but no trace of it was ever found.