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Russian Legislator Tells French TV, ‘We Will Kill All French Soldiers Who Set Foot’ in Ukraine

March 21, 2024 (EIRNS)—France’s BRM-TV, after broadcasting yesterday Marine Le Pen’s calling out of President Emmanuel Macron’s reckless “boots on the ground in Ukraine” talk, today hit the French population between the eyes. They broadcast Russian State Duma Deputy Chairman Pyotr Tolstoy, who read France the Riot Act: He warned that Macron’s idea of sending French soldiers into Ukraine “will end with coffins covered by the [French] tricolor flag…. We don’t care for [Macron’s] opinions. We don’t care for Macron himself, what he says, or his limits. And we will kill all French soldiers who set foot on Ukrainian soil. Every single one that comes.”

Tolstoy reviewed Russia’s record in taking out foreign mercenaries, that over the past two years some 13,000 foreign mercenaries have taken part in the conflict. An extraordinarily high percentage of these mercenaries have been killed. France has only supplied 367 mercenaries, but 147 have already died in battle. He asked the French public to consider how many more could perish if Paris officially deploys troops to the conflict zone.

His message was clear, that the West is poking the bear, and he was direct: “The French must understand the consequences…. You are provoking World War III.”