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Russian Military Experts Expect NATO War on Russia To Begin with Aggressive Actions and Provocations

March 6, 2024 (EIRNS)—Military Thought, the journal of the Russian Defense Ministry, has published an article describing a likely scenario for an attack on Russia by a hypothetical adversary. (Of course, it’s not really “hypothetical,” with only possible adversary is NATO—ed.). According to TASS, the authors speculate that an attack might begin with a rapid global strike alongside several massive missile and aviation strikes on the country’s administrative-political and military-industrial infrastructure. In this regard, the Russian Aerospace Forces would play a predominant role in repelling potential aggression.

On the eve of the active phase of the operation, report Russian military experts, the enemy will take potentially aggressive action, including provocations, for the purpose of controlling the situation, as well as intensify all types of intelligence activity. In addition, it may start deploying aircraft carrier strike groups and ships with guided missiles under the guise of exercises. Enemy aircraft, including strategic bombers and drones, will begin to perform regular flights near Russia’s national borders.

In this regard, the Russian Defense Ministry statement of yesterday reporting the approach of NATO aircraft over the Black Sea is of interest. According to the statement, the Russian Aerospace Forces intercepted three French air force aircraft approaching Russia’s state border, an E-3F AWACS airborne radar aircraft escorted by two Rafale fighter jets. While NATO reconnaissance aircraft, including RC-135 electronic intelligence aircraft and Global Hawk drones, have been flying over Black Sea on a regular basis, an AWACS aircraft flying to within interception range of Russia air defenses is highly unusual. In addition to air surveillance, an AWACS aircraft is also capable of battle management, controlling offensive strike aircraft and warning them against hostile aircraft.