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Russian TV Journalist: If Crimean Bridge Were Destroyed, Which German Bridges Would Become Targets?

March 7, 2024 (EIRNS)—Well-known Russian TV journalist Dmitry Kiselyov has presented a chilling short clip in the Sunday, March 3 weekly “News of the Week” (Vesti Nedeli) on the Russia-1 network, which was republished by with German subtitles. His shocking “thought experiment": “Which bridge or bridges would we have to destroy in Germany in order to adequately retaliate for the damage caused in the event of a German Taurus missile attack against our Crimean Bridge?” RT points out, that Kiselyov “is not doing that as a Russian army general making concrete plans for their destruction, but as a commentator on one of the most-watched Russian TV programs.”

Kiselyov begins by saying that the German generals, who on Feb. 19 had discussed delivery of Taurus missiles to Ukraine and their use to destroy the Kerch Bridge that connects Crimea to the rest of Russia, understand that they are planning an obvious act of aggression. “Nevertheless they develop their infamous plan and the criminals have a clear motive. This is not just anybody involved in war against Russia, this is Germany. Despite their advanced plans, they do not think about Germany's best bridges. In such a compact country like Germany there are of course no bridges as long as the Kerch Bridge, but nevertheless there are interesting views through the telescopic sight of a missile.”

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