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Salute to the Farmers and Ranchers of Mexico, Our Comrades in Common Purpose

March 16, 2024 (EIRNS)—The following message of support and policy, signed by the 22 U.S. farm leaders, from 14 states, whose names follow, was read in Spanish translation to farmers meeting in Los Mochis, Sinaloa March 15 to discuss how to overcome the existential crisis they, too, face today.

We farmers and ranchers in the U.S. salute you in Mexico. We greet your organization, the “National Front to Save the Mexican Countryside,” and its deliberations at your March 9 conference. We respect and value your guts and courage in our common fight to save independent family farming, and independent national economies everywhere.

Our common enemy is the monopolistic complex of global banks, and transnational corporations. They impose a below-cost-of-production trade policy. They prevent a parity-oriented price policy, which would maintain the farm producer sector in each of our countries, and in nations around the world. They are stealing the “family farm” culture out of agri-culture. The same agro-financial complex has prevented infrastructure construction in North America, to serve our common interest in necessary improvements, especially water systems—dams, canals, irrigation, desalination, flood control. They block high-tech power, transportation, health care and thousands of other projects.

Now is the time to stop this destruction. Re-control trade. Build infrastructure and set the agenda for a new economic system worldwide serving productive forces—from farmer producers to manufacturing, not globalist, speculator predators.

Our fellow ranchers and farmers are on the streets in Europe, and in India. There were hundreds of farm demonstrations in the Americas in 2023. We fight here in the U.S., and we encourage and support our brother farmers, ranchers, and all food producers in Mexico. In this spirit, we send our support to your conference, “Let’s Recover a Sovereign Policy in Food Production.” We stand with you and look forward to working together to get the job done.

Robert “Bob” Baker, Leesburg, Virginia; Former Grain and Livestock Producer; Director of Schiller Institute Agricultural Commission

Jon Baker, Harper, Iowa; Cattle and Grain Farmer; Agricultural Bank Vice President and Loan Officer; Vice President of the Iowa Stockgrowers Association

James Benham, Versailles, Indiana; Former State President of the Indiana Farmers Union; National Board Member of the National Farmers Union

Bill Bullard, Billings, Montana; Chief Executive Officer, R-CALF USA (Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund United Stockgrowers of America)

Mike Callicrate, Colorado Springs, Colorado; Cattleman; President and Founder, Ranch Foods Direct

Angel Cushing, Allen, Kansas; Goat Farmer; Independent Farm Activist against the Green New Deal / 30×30 land grab

Frank Endres, Corning, California; Wheat and Cattle Rancher; National Board Member of National Farmers Organization (NFO) and of R-CALF USA

Dr. Taylor Haynes, Laramie, Wyoming; Rancher; President, and on Board of Directors, Organization for Competitive Markets

Angela Huffman, Wharton, Ohio; Sheep Farmer; President of Farm Action

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