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The Sare Symposium: ‘The Survivors Would Envy the Dead: The Present Danger of Thermonuclear War’

March 14, 2024 (EIRNS)—At her weekly New York Symposium on Friday March 8,independent candidate for U.S. Senate in New York Diane Sare introduced her first guest, Steven Starr, a professor at the University of Missouri, and former director of the University of Missouri Clinical Laboratory Science program. He is an expert on the devastation of nuclear war. France’s President Emmanuel Macron has said that there are no longer any red lines regarding NATO action in Ukraine. The U.S. and others are conducting an undeclared war against Russia already, involving targeting information as well as billions of dollars in weapons. British troops program the Storm Shadow missiles fired at Russian targets, and the Germans are discussing adding long-range Taurus missiles to the battle.

He then documented the devastating effects of any nuclear war, beginning with a single high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) bomb, which could destroy the entire U.S. power grid. If large power transformers were destroyed, it would be years before they could be replaced, and we would have absolutely no electricity. A Congressional report estimated that up to 90% of Americans would die, as all refrigeration, transportation, water, fuel, banking, etc. would be eliminated. It would fry all electronics connected to the power grid. All nuclear power plants would lose emergency cooling. All 56 reactors in France could melt down with a single HEMP detonation.

He said this is so horrible that I couldn’t even present it, if I didn’t have hope that it could be stopped by people like Diane Sare.

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