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March 10, 2024 (EIRNS)—"The crass ineptitude of a quarter of a century of Western military interventions should have taught us some lessons. Apparently not.”

British columnist Simon Jenkins thus concluded an op-ed that appeared in London’s Guardian newspaper on March 5. Like those that have claimed that President Joe Biden’s “State of the Union’ was “one of the best ever,” stupefied military and “intelligence” officers still supportive of “our Ukraine policy,” as well as the criminal financial interests that are profiting from it, including the cyber-corporate world of Silicon Valley and its derivatives, cannot reject their four-plus decades psychological (and monetary) investment in a “revolution in military-financial affairs” that has only succeeded in placing the world on the doorstep of thermonuclear war.

“But as the conflict in Ukraine has reached predictable stalemate, NATO’s strategy has lost all coherence. This is the moment when such wars run out of control,” Jenkins also remarked. There is, however, no stalemate: Russia will consolidate its already-obvious military defeat of Ukraine, unless NATO—that is, the United States—moves to start thermonuclear war. Negotiations are in Ukraine’s interest—the Pope has pointed this out in an interview covered on March 9, saying, “When you see that you are defeated, that things are not going well, it is necessary to have the courage to negotiate.”

Negotiations have, up to now, been rejected by Ukraine’s masters. And therefore, indeed, as Jenkins indicates, the NATO war with Russia is about to go out of control, thanks to the geniuses in America’s State Department and Britain’s MI6 that are arrogantly and axiomatically incapable of understanding that they are doing just that. And removing Victoria Nuland, though a welcome event, does not remove the institutional commitment to the failed axioms she personified.

Rather than Russia, it is the Anglosphere’s dysfunctional, irremediably bankrupt financial system which is pursuing the prosecution of total war. It is important that the LaRouche forces, and co-thinkers, make that axiomatic correction in the thinking of citizens who wish to survive the present crisis, by changing their equally-flawed thinking. That does not mean that thermonuclear war is desired. It means that, aside from reversing course, declaring systemic bankruptcy reorganization, and proposing a new “platform” of advanced mining, manufacturing, agriculture and infrastructure, there is no way to defuse the impulse to a futile attempt at “system preservation” through total war.

The best, and perhaps only efficient way to open such a pathway out of thermonuclear Hell, involving the West, the Global South, and the BRICS-Plus nations in a joint project for peace, is the LaRouche Oasis Plan. On April 13, the International Schiller Institute, in collaboration with the International Peace Coalition and other organizations, will convene a conference, “The Oasis Plan: The LaRouche Solution for Peace Through Development Between Israel and Palestine and for All of Southwest Asia.” Without a set of principles for a new strategic and development architecture, such as the Helga Zepp-LaRouche Ten Principles coming to the fore in the near term, making it possible for the West to re-emerge out of its cultural decay of the past half-century, thermonuclear war, initiated, not by Russia or China, but by London and Washington, must occur. The false axioms, unless changed, will make it inevitable.