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Top German Expert: Don't Be Driven by the British Into War

Photo by Lorena Kelly / Unsplash

March 6, 2024 (EIRNS)—Col. Ralph Thiele (ret.), chairman of the Political-Military Society (Politisch-Militärische Gesellschaft e.V.), president of Eurodefense-Germany, Chairman of EuroDefense (Deutschland), and CEO von StratByrd Consulting, said that Germany should not be driven into the war by the British in an interview with NTV. Asked for a comment on the British prime minister’s dissatisfaction with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz because of Scholz’s opposition to giving Taurus missiles to Kiev, Thiele answered: “The British are the drivers of a belligerent solution to the problem, i.e., to bring the Russians to their knees through war ... we should not allow ourselves to be driven by the British.”

(According to a YouGov survey commissioned by Deutsche Presse-Agentur [DPA], 60% of Germans oppose the delivery of Taurus missiles to Ukraine.)

In an interview published on March 2 with Focus Online, Thiele again turned the spotlight on the British, saying that the U.K. is the prime suspect in the Taurus eavesdropping scandal. Thiele told Focus: “Basically, there are two suspects who could have intercepted the conversation and circulated it. One is the Western states. They could have an interest in undermining Chancellor Scholz’s cautious approach. Since hybrid warfare—in which the British, for example, are also masters—is preferably conducted via third parties, nothing is as it seems at first.”