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U.S., Mexican Farm Leaders Recognize Common Interest in Fight vs. Cartels, Big Finance

March 16, 2024 (EIRNS)—The Mexican farm movement known as the “National Front To Save the Mexican Countryside” opened their March 15 meeting on the sidelines of the three-day agriculture ExpoCeres in Sinaloa with a message they received signed by 22 U.S. farm leaders expressing their support for “our common fight to save independent family farming, and independent national economies everywhere” (see Documentation). Three leaders of the movement had also read the U.S. farm message to a press conference shortly before their meeting.

Independent farmers in Mexico had formed this national movement in 2023 to defend their right to produce. The world food crisis and the urgency of renegotiating the fraudulent free trade agreements, restoring parity pricing and a national agricultural plan, and the urgency of building the great water projects to confront the drought were the topics on the agenda of this meeting. It surprised many of them to hear American farmers denouncing the same system which is crushing them.

“Our common enemy is the monopolistic complex of global banks, and transnational corporations,” the message from the American farmers stated. “They impose a below-cost-of- production trade policy. They prevent a parity-oriented price policy, which would maintain the farm producer sector in each of our countries, and in nations around the world. They are stealing the `family farm’ culture out of agri-culture. The same agro-financial complex has prevented infrastructure construction in North America, to serve our common interest in necessary improvements, especially water systems—dams, canals, irrigation, desalination, flood control. They block high-tech power, transportation, health care and thousands of other projects.”

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