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Commander Admits, Russia Has More Ammunition and Manpower Than Ukraine

March 2, 2024 (EIRNS)—Russia has such military superiority over its NATO-backed Ukrainian adversary that even the Western corporate media is forced to admit it. A spokesman for the 17th separate tank brigade of the Ukrainian army told The Associated Press that, despite limited resources, Ukrainian forces were trying their best to adjust their defense to the ever-changing Russian tactics, even as troops on the ground reported they could not respond with the same firepower and personnel as Russia is able to use against them. The commander of the tank company working in the Bakhmut direction said “You can really feel it, the density of fire is higher.” “When we can make 10 shots, they can make 50, they have an advantage over us in ammunition, it’s undeniable. And also, there is an advantage in manpower,” he said.

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