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US Marines Commanding Ground Component of Nordic Response Exercise

March 7, 2024 (EIRNS)—NATO’s Nordic Response exercise, though centered on the Scandinavian Arctic, is dominated by the US Marine Corps. The II Marine Expeditionary Force is serving as the land component headquarters for Nordic Response, operating out of the Bardufoss Air Station in Norway, reported Stars & Stripes. There are 2,500 Marines deployed for the exercise, including ground troops and air units flying F-35B stealth fighters and F-18 fighter jets.

High North News reported yesterday that there are about 110 fighter aircraft, transport aircraft, surveillance aircraft, tanker aircraft, and helicopters participating in the exercise. During the exercise, a NATO air command for the Nordic region will be tested for the first time. The joint Nordic air operations center is temporarily placed at Camp Bodin, Bodø, in connection with the exercise, HNN reports further. The air operation center’s organization consists of about 350 personnel who plan, lead, and coordinate the air activity during Nordic Response.

The US Air force put on a big show for the Swedes yesterday by flying a B-1 bomber and a B-52 over Stockholm direct from the United States. They were escorted by Swedish Air Force Gripen fighter jets.