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U.S. Scrapes Up $300 Million for Temporary Arms Package For Ukraine

March 13, 2024 (EIRNS)—National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan announced yesterday a new $300 million package of military support for Ukraine yesterday, “to address some of Ukraine’s pressing needs.” He told reporters at the White House that “unanticipated cost-savings” in contracts that DOD negotiated to replace equipment already sent to Ukraine made the package possible.

“When we sent Ukraine weapons last year, we negotiated contracts to replenish those weapons in U.S. stockpiles,” Sullivan explained. “We budgeted the full amount of appropriated funds for those contracts. It turns out we negotiated well. Those contracts came in under budget, so we have a modest amount of funding available.”

The package is made up mainly of munitions, including artillery shells and HIMARS rockets and some vehicles. Not included, despite earlier press reports saying otherwise, are the 100-mile ATACMS missiles, which can also be fired by the HIMARS launcher. “I’ve got no announcements for you on ATACMS today,” Sullivan said.

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