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Will U.S. Invoke Defense Treaty with the Philippines?

March 7, 2024 (EIRNS)—The obedient U.S. media are now proposing that the Philippines may invoke the U.S.-Philippine Defense Treaty to militarily intervene to defend Philippine ships attempting to resupply an old Philippine ship which was intentionally grounded on one of the Shoals in the South China Sea. China claims the territory as its own and has occasionally blocked Philippine Coast Guard efforts to send supplies and replacement personnel to the ship, as happened on Tuesday. Newsweek reports that two minor collisions resulted, and the Chinese Coast Guard used a water cannon on one of the supply ships. Manila claimed that there were two minor injuries.

President Bong Bong Marcos, speaking at an ASEAN-Australia meeting in Australia, said it was not the time to invoke the defense treaty, but added that “we continue to view with great alarm this continuing dangerous maneuvers and dangerous actions that are being done against our seamen, our coast guard.”

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