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On the Subject of Thermonuclear Warfare: Mind Over Your Matter

Credit: Flickr/Sean Naber

Editor’s Note: EIR first published this article in Vol. 41, No. 8, February 21, 2014, pp. 4-15.

On the matter of the presently ongoing march into a global thermonuclear warfare of mutually human extinction: the crucial factor will be serenity of the truly human spirit, as to be distinguished from “British imperialist” rage.

The Issue Before Us

Betwixt yesterday’s webcast, and its aftermath, today, I have posed the most crucial of all the strategic issues at hand with my concluding response to the question posed to me during yesterday evening’s Webcast, and a continuation of that same subject in the discussion among the assembled body this morning. On both of those two occasions, the crucial issue of strategy has been posed, directly, as a subject-matter which could not be competently considered, without that specific quality of command by our own republic’s forces which I have emphasized on each of these two occasions.

During the remainder of this month of February, the world in its entirety is presently gripped by a count-down to global genocide, a genocide intended against human beings, but, which the animals themselves could not outlive. That statement, just stated precisely, in these two opening paragraphs, is the basis in meanings for all that now follows here. I forewarn the reader: this opening statement contains the meanings of all that now follows, here, throughout:

President Obama’s essential characteristic, LaRouche writes, “is his suitability for immediate impeachment; only the foolish, or simply gutless members of our Congress would perceive matters in any other light than what I have just presented here.” Shown here, the 2013 State of the Union speech. Credit: White House/Pete Souza

On this account, I have emphasized, on both occasions, that the only visible choice of strategic policy for our United States itself, were the expulsion of the current U.S. President, Barack Obama, from office—immediately: with Constitutional due-process, but the greatest permissible haste. The fact of the matter is, presently, that both the present majority of the U.S. Senate, and The House of Representatives, are presently disposed to prefer cheap political opportunism, over reason and sanity alike. In general, fear of lost privilege, disposes them to evade moral responsibility. The great majority of the U.S.A.’s citizenry would profoundly prefer the ouster of that British imperial puppet, Obama; but the Senate and House, so far, lack both the will, and the honor to do their true proper duty in this matter; they have preferred, this far, their habit of operating from behind the Bushes; Prescott (who had brought Adolf Hitler into power); the essentially goofy George H.W.; and, the chronically witless George W. Jr., have, each, and all, at the appropriate time, preferred the interests of the British World Empire in earlier and present determinations over the principled Constitutional interests of our United States. Therefore, now: the question would be, would the Bush family’s political tradition impel them to subordinate the existence of our United States to a support for the British Empire’s present tradition—impel them to support, directly, or implicitly, an imperialist, thermonuclear assault on the Eurasian region of the planet, an utterly wrongful war which would almost surely bring about the virtual extermination of the human species? [Fn. 1]

After about an hour-and-a-half of the launch of such full-scale warfare, there would be virtually no living human beings on this planet, excepting the hopelessly dying. No option of a safe, “limited warfare,” presently exists.

The mere puppet of the world-empress of the moment, and of her so-called “Green” policy, Queen Elizabeth II, is U.S. President Barack Obama, who is her own key instrument, presently, for bringing the human species into a never-before-known experience, that of globally thermonuclear warfare upon this planet: an almost assured extinction of the human species—perhaps before the end of this current month, or not much beyond that point: unless we prevent it!

There are, options available; but there is, presently, no significant evidence that the majority of the U.S. Congress will be willfully sane in this matter so immediately at hand. We might hope for better; but, it were better not to wait. Throwing Obama out now, appears to be the only remedy for this presently imminent disaster. On the contrary, a duped fraction of the House of Representatives has gone to the edge of such an insane policy on this account, albeit under extraordinary pressure from the British imperial system’s flunky, the misfortunate, present, Barack Obama Administration.

That is my subject for today. I shall now explain the relevant evidence to be entertained.

I. The Crucial Historical Factor

The crucial factor to be considered here, and now, is the systemic flaw in the general behavior of the leaders among the nations who would, normally, be presumed not to tolerate the strategic policies of either Her Majesty Elizabeth II, nor her captive lout and that disgusting puppet, President Barack Obama, who is the mere stooge of no significant intellectual consequence: merely a very nasty puppet with a criminally-inclined mind. He has only one eminently essential consequence: his suitability for immediate impeachment; only the foolish, or simply gutless members of our Congress would perceive matters in any other light than what I have just presented here.

History’s light must be prudently cast upon three most relevant, recent cases from the world history known this far. The first of these three, is the original (Classical Greek) presentation of the case of the evil Zeus, versus the humanist, Prometheus. The second case of outstanding historical significance, is the systemically Zeus-ian Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire (as the tradition of the British Empire and its Dutch imperialist origins). The third, is the actually Dutch empire, but cutely, commonly mis-named as the British Empire: that is the embodiment of sheer, virtually planetary evil within which the British empire has placed its American puppet, President Obama, in particular.

The particularly outstanding relevance of the first of those three cases, is: that which Aeschylus had presented as the common case for these three instances to be considered here: the issue was, actually, as stated then, as in all competent scientific knowledge presently, the generic meaning of “fire.” [Fn. 2]

Zeus forbad “fire’s use” by mankind; Prometheus demanded the use of fire by mankind (which is the distinction of man from ape). The Classical-Greek Prometheus demanded mankind’s progress through the use of “fire.” What Prometheus intended, and there was only one particular error-of-omission in this matter on his part: is what modern science knows under the caption of modern “chemistry:” which, in turn, is, in-fact-of-practice, best exemplified by mankind’s successive increase in the energy-flux-density of the upward course of the evolution of chemistry: as that lies under the essential inclusion of the leading factor of human progress centered in the use of “fire:” increasing leaps in the quality of “fire,” per-capita, and per-leap in the application of increasingly concentrated energy-flux-densities.

On the other side:

The so-called “green disease” spread by the British empire, is the Zeus-ian option: typified presently by Queen Elizabeth II’s evil-green obsession: to reduce the Earth’s human population: from, approximately, seven billions human beings, to less than one: genocide! The explicitly genocidal policies of President Barack Obama, are, no less than greatly-accelerated-measures-of-genocide against the U.S.A.’s population: all evils done betwixt the complicities of Obama and the mass-murderers represented by his accomplices, a rabidly anglophilic Wall Street. [Fn. 3]

In fact: since the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, and that of his brother, Robert, and the failed attempt on the life of President Ronald Reagan, there has been a continuing downward plunge in the net physical income of the U.S. population as a whole: from the beginning of the U.S. Vietnam War, which would have been impossible, had President Kennedy not been assassinated; the per-capita physical-net-income of the U.S. population has collapsed, continually, at increasing rates, the worst of which have been under the nominal Presidency of George W. Bush, Jr., and the deepest plunge to national U.S.A. bankruptcy was achieved only during the tyranny of President Barack Obama. (Any contrary claim was simply an outright lie, then, or now.)

It has been under those trends, and their respective phases, that we now find ourselves at the brink of a global thermonuclear holocaust. The probability is, that this is pre-set for some time between the present time in February, most likely, and early March.

President Obama was never the real President of the United States, other than certified President-in-name; but in-fact-of-practice, not; he was, in fact of practice, a stooge (a virtual lick-spittle of The imperial Court of St. James) which had been imposed by the British monarchy, as if from The-Queen-from-the-top-down. He is a dutiful expression of a British imperial monarchy, which had steered the British-backed drug-trafficking which had been a crucial factor his election. Obama has never been an actual President: he has been in fact of practice, merely a disgusting stooge created by, and to be deployed for, as, in fact: at the behest of Her (imperial) Majesty, Elizabeth II (and, also, by heritage, an actually imperial agency of traditionally British imperial interests: such as Wall Street, as that had been typified as treasonous by the Presidencies of Aaron Burr lackey, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, and others such as Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson—the latter pair, as by the most notable consequences of the assassination of President William McKinley).

All of this must be understood from the three vantage-points I had identified here, above. It has been, first, a Zeus-ian (i.e., Satanic) phenomenon, one identified by the Classical Greeks; and, second, by the rise and fall of the Roman Empire: and, as by the echo of that Roman Empire, which has been the avowed intention of the so-called “Dutch Treat,” the so-called Dutch imperium (which had virtually gobbled up the France of Louis XIV, and, then, the British Isles): naming this dirty, Dutch Treat a British empire, which was made by the Dutch Treat designers. The Dutch root of all that has been seen crawling above the turf in modern Europe since.

II. Cusa & Christopher Columbus

The most notable strategic outcome of the Great, trans-Atlantic Renaissance, [Fn. 4] was that activated, in fact, by Christopher Columbus’ instruction respecting the policies of a then-deceased Nicholas of Cusa. That mediation was supplied by the surviving collaborators of Cusa himself: a Cusa who had devised the grand-strategic [Fn. 5] design which became adopted for flanking the disease which was then Europe, with a prospective American alternative [see appendix below: A Close Circle of Friends]. The essence of the conception of an American republic, was born, then, and there. The British (Anglo-Dutch) empire has been, entirely, an outgrowth of the Zeusian evil on which imperial Rome had based its own empire; and, more recently, what is curiously named as the British (or, better-said, “brutish”) empire of Queen Elizabeth II, today.

I was, truly, a strategist for the SDI attempt. As I was in the leading part assigned to me under the team of the President Ronald Reagan who had not died from an attempted assassination against him which had occurred as an intended assassination: one on the same list as President John F. Kennedy, and his brother, Robert, the latter a scheduled Democratic Party contender—and likely victor, otherwise. [Fn. 6] The importance of that page from earlier decades of history, is that the whole matter has been, more recently, a continued British imperial policy since the death of President Franklin Roosevelt.

I had fallen into recognizing that same pattern, much earlier than my notable influence since the early 1970s, [Fn. 7] as during my statement for a group of U.S. soldiers on the evening of the news of the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt; that policy of mine, then, had followed me in British and related circles ever since, to the present day. I remained, since then, as a solid hater of the anti-FDR strategic policies of Bertrand Russell and Winston Churchill ever since: to the present day. My own strategic policies have remained with that specific focus, there, precisely, ever since, to the present day: my motive is simply patriotic (in the sense of the American tradition of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy, and, others only lesser in specific politically historical weight of my personal commitments, still presently).

The considerations, to that effect, as taken by me, here, are, in retrospect, valid in essential terms of commitment, at this time. This is not merely a personal preference; but, it has a far deeper purpose. I am a strategist in the deepest sense of the meaning of the term, “strategist.” I explain that crucially important point, as follows.

Strategy as a Scientific Principle

Strategy, contrary to commonplace chatter, means, today, “the human planet, when considered as a whole.” This still holds today, on the presumption that that is the actual term to be applied: as distinct from the relatively childish level of “tactics.” It means the entirety of the relevant portion of the geography of the entire human species, that respecting the full sweep from past (as since Zeus-vs.-Prometheus, to the present moments of history, since Columbus), into the need to shape the future destiny of mankind.

In earlier usages of that concept (that of actual strategy as I have just defined it, here) it has properly signified the subsumption of the interplay among the relevantly coherent regions of the planet and its relevant set of populations, which are relatively significantly inter-active. Now, since the Discovery of America brought into play by the influence traced to Nicholas of Cusa: the notion of the planet as a whole, has meant “increasingly,” with the subsequent passage of time: and, the varying scope of the planet’s human habitation, throughout, as a relative whole. Politically, that means the struggle, chiefly by Christians in the legacy of Peter and Paul, who had lived under the Zeus-ian bestiality of the Roman Empire.

This reality, as apprehended by the great genius Nicholas of Cusa, had foreseen the strategic urgency of moving out of the strategic zone of Eurasia. His concern had been centered in the threat to the existence of a Christian society, which history, since the Roman Empire, had shown, could not be sustained within strategically nearby Europe and its supra-European scope of strategically efficient significance.

So, living associates of a deceased Cusa, had continued an original devotion to moving elements of European civilization, from the Eurasian nightmare of the Zeus-ian reigns of the recurring Roman-imperial-rooted terror, and, the genocide which had been repeatedly conducted against Christians and Jews (cf. Philo), in particular. The crossing of the Atlantic, by Columbus, was Columbus’s own, specific intention, but, one imbued within him through a great Christian Bishop, closely tied to Cusa, in Portugal. That was the struggle to revive the Christian legacy, then, within a beleaguered Europe, since Cusa’s death: Columbus was drafted by the associates of Cusa, to carry out that great mission.

Immediately, already during Columbus’s voyages to the Americas, the massive wave of religious warfare within Europe served as a destructive force. William Shakespeare had been a notable intellectual force within Britain (especially England) during the latter part of the preceding century and the opening decade of the Seventeenth Century. This can not be competently minimized; it is always a relative handful of creative human spirits which had, always produced great moments in history—whenever they had, in fact, proposed even as relatively significant forces. True genius has always been the exceptional case: not only in relative influence on the population in general, but the intensity of true genius encountered during relevant, exceptional movements of progress in the human condition.

On that account, the Twentieth Century has been largely an abomination, but for Franklin Roosevelt and the relatively “mini-renaissance” of John F. Kennedy’s brief, if nonetheless great, life, as President. However, trans-Atlantic musical culture had collapsed into narrower and shallower expressions, respecting breadth and depth, since the death of Johannes Brahms and since the mathematical forms of degeneration of scientific rates of creative progress, as since the mathematicians’ backsliding of 1900 and the onset of the Horatio Alger and related hoaxes of the Theodore Roosevelt, Wilson, Coolidge, and Hoover years of general political and moral obscenities. President Franklin Roosevelt’s four elections to the Presidency, were the one, truly great exception to a British-directed treason’s increasingly depressing effect on the minds and morals of our U.S.A. population. [Fn. 8]

Those elements of a trend in direction, typify that road toward Hell, which now grips the trans-Atlantic region of our planet.

That means: that the trend, since that time, in particular, in political thinking, heretofore, in U.S. national politics, already condemns our republic, like western Europe itself, to a virtual Hell. The only remedy, is to “kick the pricks,” and, to urge those who enjoy no promise of leisurely succor, to disturb the ostensibly established order of the presumed ruling class of the United States, in particular, which they spit upon as unfit to rule: lest the human species itself be destroyed by the influence of an affluent class, such as that of Wall Street presently. The complacency of the incumbent regime, must be upset by those who are the incumbent “fat political and financial cats,” “cats” who must now be sorely upset, and that very soon, and most emphatically, as they have responded violently to my interventions since this past year. This is not a matter of upsetting a serene government; it is the only means of rescuing our republic from an epidemic of essentially worse than merely useless “fat political and financial cats.”

We must assemble an array of the concerned, to the purpose of ridding the planet of the disease, as typified by Wall Street, which threatens to destroy the civilization of our planet so immediately as now.

What, therefore, is the wonderful remedy which might bring such a noble outcome for all humanity, about?

III. Our Renaissance

Now. I am going to take advantage from an author’s right: to quote myself at a certain length, this time from my concluding remarks during a Webcast presentation made here on the Friday, February 7th evening. For many, my message there was shocking, but necessarily so: even among most of my own immediate associates. Nonetheless, the relevance of what I had spoken, on that occasion, last evening, has the relatively greatest degree of relevance, if and when we consider the global threat of thermonuclear human-extinction-threat, a human extinction which is now threatening a relatively immediate global human extermination.

I shall now place those remarks copied from that evening’s webcast, within quotation-marks, and shall, thereafter, present my concluding message for this report as a whole. [Fn. 9]

LaRouche: “Well, all these questions come under one great issue, that man is not an animal. Mankind is being educated as if he were an animal. Mankind is also, often being treated, socially, as if he were an animal; but, mankind is not an animal.

“The difference is what is called ‘creativity.’ Now, for most people in the educational system, today: as a result of that educational system, very few people understand the true message of science. For example, all modern science of any competence, has depended upon the contributions specific to two great figures of the Renaissance period: Filippo Brunelleschi, the older figure, who invented modern physics: he built a great cathedral, for example; the greater figure, the most universal genius of that age, was Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa. The interconnected work of those two, was the first miracle of this type ever created in modern times: I have been there, in effect of my knowledge of the history of modern science; I know it. [I’ve seen it again, and again, and I have admired it, and studied it. I’ve worked with scientists in understanding what the accomplishment was. He was the greatest genius!] He changed all kinds of conceptions of physics, and so forth: all the bad ones, all the ones I hate!

“Like Euclidean geometry: the crazy geometry that’s taught in schools! It’s for idiots; it’s not for human beings. It’s not scientific; it’s junk! Euclidean geometry? It’s garbage! It always was! It never had any scientific merit, whatsoever.

“You know, for example: I was about the age of 14, and I used to visit, with my family, on the outskirts of Boston; and, I went there a number of times. And I’d seen the U.S.S. Constitution, at bay, again and again. And, how can you just ‘go to see the Constitution?’ How can you ‘go to see the Constitution,’ all the time? I was 13-14 years of age, so, I enjoyed the Constitution; I thought it was great; but, we were unable to take [that ship] out; we’re not able to go with it; you’re not able to experience anything with it. So, I looked at other things.

LaRouche figured out, at about the age of 14, that Euclidean geometry made no sense, if you looked at the real world. Describing constructions of structural steel, he told his teacher: “This, to me, is the principle of geometry. It has to be: because it’s the principle of construction.” Shown is the Brooklyn Bridge, the first bridge to use steel as the principal structural material. Credit: EIRNS/Stuart Lewis

“And, now, I happened to be, not so coincidentally, in a period in which the transition from iron-and-brick construction in cities [had dominated], but we had come into a new phase. We were now in the age of sky-scraping structural steel. So, I would go over, and study the structural steel and compare that with the iron-and-brick construction; and, I would have made a number of visits, three or four visits there; and I realized what I was looking at.

“Now, I didn’t know anything about Euclidean geometry as such; I didn’t know the name of Euclidean geometry existed. So, the first day of this class, the teacher, who happened to be a friend of my mother, said: ‘Okay, who knows what geometry is? Any of you got an idea of what geometry is?’

“I said: ‘Yes, sure.’

“She said: ‘O.K.’

“So, I had to explain this process about the structural steel, in which you had to compensate for the part of the steel which is actually useful in supporting structure, as opposed to iron rod; and you have to realize that you must not have all that weight; you must discover how much of the steel you actually require to do the supporting job, and, what part is just weight which is going to increase the burden.

“So, I saw this in the form of punched-hole steel structure; I saw it in terms of cross-wires, which approximated that, and, so, I said, that’s it. This, to me, is the principle of geometry. It has to be: because it’s the principle of construction.”

“And, boy did I get really beaten up on that: ‘No; that’s not what Euclid said.’!!!

“I said: ‘Well, Euclid’s an idiot!’ [laughter] Which he was.

“This was my experience, in terms of finding exactly how I resolved what was going on. Because, the problem we have in society, in the education, even in my age, is that people in the education process—and it’s much worse now; education in public schools in decent parts of the economy, is not stable: it’s worse than ever. Children, teenagers, and so forth are worse-educated in their time, than they were in mine. People of my generation were geniuses compared to what you get as college graduates, today. This is a fair standard: no exaggeration, whatsoever.

“You look at the educational program: the basic problem here, is that which is common to both then, and now: is, that the basis of what people think they know, is based on the presumption, that they’re given tests on various subjects; they’re pre-conditioned to receive these tests. And, if the teacher says something wrong, well, then, the teachers will mark you down, for supporting a policy they don’t agree with. And, this is not done on the teacher’s volition; it is done by the system of education. So, the system of education prescribes those methods of ‘right’ questions and answers. And you are supposed to guess what the right question is, and the right answer to that question. And, you are graded then, on the basis of whether you agree with what you’re taught, or not.

“That was bad then; it’s worse now.

“Public opinion now, is much more ignorant; it almost makes monkeys look smart—the way in which your education system works. So, that, essentially, is the key part.

“So, the problem is, ‘What does science mean?’ Then, you get into the real meat: when you start from this kind of exploration, realizing why you are right. You know you can prove it, physically, experimentally; but, the teachers tell you: ‘you are wrong!’ And, they will grade you, and they will try to drum it into your head! Well, I was a very stubborn character [and, as experience has shown, usually right in these matters]; I didn’t like that kind of stuff [like that]; but, I would drum back!

“But, what the demonstration is:

“You say: ‘Wait a minute—they’re saying that mathematics is science? I’ve just seen the mathematics in this classroom; I’ve seen the mathematics! It ain’t true. It’s based on numbers [not physics].

“Well, the short of it is, as you were just referring to it, is the fact that mathematics is not science. Mathematics is a cheap imitation of science; it’s not science! And, other considerations are involved.

“What you see: is, when you look at the mind of man, and that’s what I look at, and I’m a great lover of Classical musical composition. I lived on it. I dwelled on it. I devoured it. I pursued it. I sought it out where I could find it. And, I know something about science! And, when I compare that with Shakespeare? Shakespeare was a scientist; he was not a playwright! Yes, he was [also] a playwright, but he knew how to put some stuff into the play! Which is something most playwrights don’t know how to do. That’s why you get the crap in music, and the crap in drama, and so forth, that you have in drama today.

“Because, we don’t realize: you can not separate the passion of man, from what you want to call the knowledge of man! And, Shakespeare demonstrates that in his insight into history! Now, what is this thing—why can’t monkeys think! They may invent sometimes, but you don’t want them around at the time, if you know anything about monkeys. Now, the gorilla: that’s a different case; the gorilla’s very polite; he doesn’t ask for sex: until his wife beats him up. Very gentle guy—amazing. This big brutish guy, is a very gentle guy [as such matters go], is a very gentle kind of animal, the mountain gorilla especially.

“But, the issue is: what is humanity? Well, humanity is not an animal [species]. And, so, you have two parts: you have the mental process, which is divided into two different parts: the mental process is divided into [two] different parts: you have the function of the brain. Now, all kinds of things have brains. Plants almost even try to develop an approximation in the way they function; but, it’s mostly tension, biological tension.

“But, in mankind, it’s different. In mankind: take people like Max Planck and Albert Einstein [are]: outstanding, well-known names. What is different about them and a piece of crap like Bertrand Russell? And the students of Bertrand Russell, who are all a pain in the neck, or other parts of the anatomy, if you prefer? You realize, there is no separation between man’s particular kind of creative passion—and I’m speaking of creativity, what makes man different than an animal. It’s something which we call, in many ways, ‘spiritual;’ but, ‘the spiritual’ is something too vaporous, it’s mysterious.

“Well: it’s not [actually] mysterious. It’s only mysterious to the ignorant. And, our job is to develop a society in which ignorance is cured. It doesn’t mean [a] perfect cure; because, you always have to progress—but, that’s the point! What do we mean by ‘progress in knowledge’? We mean the discovery of principle. What did Max Planck discover; what did Einstein discover? They didn’t discover how to deduce something; they discovered a principle which was previously unknown; and, they were able to test, whether, or not, it was a know[able] quantity.

“Mankind is not an animal. Mankind, as we know him: first, as mankind, as we can prove archeologically [and] otherwise, man was cooking his lunch. Animals do not cook their lunch: they don’t use fire as an instrument. They [humans] are Prometheans, not Zeus-ians. Zeus-ians don’t allow fire to be used by people. Only Prometheans permit fire to be used: as an instrument of man.

“Now, what is it we mean by ‘fire’? Well: we mean ‘chemistry.’ And, chemistry is not a fixed system. The universe is changing all the time; it’s evolving to higher states; but, animals can’t do that. The animal has no knowledge of that; but, the human being does.

“So, you have people [who] love Cusa and Brunelleschi. They were exemplary of a new generation, a new culture, coming out of a very dark period of man’s past. They created modern science!—and, they didn’t believe in deduction! And, that’s the difference!

“Because: when we educate people properly: we realize that mathematics does not have anything to do with passion, or with the principles of science. What they believe in is a dead man; they are like the victims in the pupils of the school, where the teachers set down the rules, and you’re graded on the basis of whether you happen to be the lucky one who thought what the teacher wanted to hear! Then, you got a good grade: if they didn’t like that, you got a bad grade! And, that’s the way this thing works!

An artist’s conception of mining on the resource-rich Moon. Mankind is discovering new, higher forms of fire, LaRouche writes, like the application of Helium-3 from the Moon to the process of creating thermonuclear fusion power on Earth. Credit: NASA/Pat Rawlings

“So, the system of science is, actually: [that] we’re treating people like animals; when, actually, creativity is located within the ability of the individual to make a discovery of a principle of nature, and that’s chemistry. Mankind operates on the basis of chemistry! It’s called fire! It’s the Promethean force of fire! [I.e., energy-flux density.] And, by fire, you rise to higher and higher powers of chemistry. And, many chemists get confused on this, because they get so trapped up with [what] they can do, they forget about discovery [of principles]. But, everything that was done in chemistry came about as a discovery! A creation of the human mind, of the human imagination! And, the ability to criticize your imagination, of the human imagination! And, the ability to criticize your own imagination, and to determine, by testing, [whether] this thing you call a principle, is true, or not: you test it.

“Now, many chemists don’t do it properly; but, the intention in the system of chemistry, is there. Mankind is the fire-bringer! He’s the Promethean, the fire-bringer! And, what he’s doing is discovering new, higher forms of fire: like the application of Helium-3 to the process of creating a superpower for mankind, per capita, [from the Moon] on Earth!

“And, as long as you believe that mathematics will teach you that stuff, you’re an idiot. You may not intend to be an idiot; you are educated to be an idiot: because you didn’t do the one thing that’s the difference between man and the beast. The essential difference: what is the spirit, the creative spirit? No animal has ever been able to actually discover a principle; whatever principle they have, is built into them, biologically.

“But, the human body has two crucial points. One is the human brain; the other, is the human mind. The human mind is the product of the noëtic process operating on the human brain. So, therefore, when you die, [Fn. 10] if you are a scientist, you are dead. You are silenced; your body no longer functions: it goes away, disappears. But, then, when you look at the case of Max Planck, or Albert Einstein, of Nicholas of Cusa, or, Brunelleschi, or Kepler, or Leibniz, you see a process of discovery of principle!

“What happens, once you die, if you are a creative person, once you die: you achieve what is called immortality: because, what you have done: you have given others around you, the experience of making discoveries. So, instead of trying to learn how to respond to predetermined behavior (which is what the stupid student does in school, to get an ‘A’ grade) you have [instead] given others around you, the [shared] experience of making discoveries. So, instead of trying to learn to respond to predetermined behavior, which is what the stupid student does to ‘get an A grade,’ you, then, become fascinated by the process of discovery: which is located only in the human body, otherwise. The human body, biologically, is necessary to support the function of the human mind, even to give birth to it. But, what remains, is immortal, and it’s true immortality.

“Immortality is the immortality of what we call ‘the soul.’ It’s something which is associated with the human mind; it’s associated with the body, in the sense that you don’t develop a mind without the nourishment of the body; but, once you have a developed mind, you become a human being (in fact). The problem is, that we bestialize people; we bestialize them by—you know—talk, talk! By saying, ‘fact, fact, fact!’

“No fact ever existed, that was true. Because, always, in every case, in every generation, every part of mankind, something is changing; and, what was true yesterday, is no longer true, because something new has come into being. And, it’s the process of coming into being, at a higher organization, as opposed to, the deadliness, the Satanic quality of the deadliness of ‘the Green policy.’ That’s the difference; it’s creativity! And, you can never reduce ‘creativity’ to mere mathematics; as a matter of fact, the reliance on mere[ly] mathematics, is bad!”

IV. When Money Is Bad for You

“Gambling is intrinsically a Satanic practice, by its nature.” Shown here are foolish citizens at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, N.J. Credit: Creative Commons

Every truly intelligent man, or woman, knows that money-as-such is bad for the human life-expectancy, generally. Money is useful only when it is treated as a medium-of-exchange for the purpose of increasing the ration of the productive powers of human labor. Other uses of money, are always like a deadly narcotic, which must, therefore, be minimized as much as possible. Gambling is intrinsically a Satanic practice, by its nature. Any one who disagrees with that distinction, is a dangerous fool, or, actually, even a person with criminal propensities. Wall Street has proven itself to be the worst criminal of them all; and it is closely associated with a related criminality known as the related crime: known as drug-trafficking, and its like, which must, therefore, promptly, be ceased-to-exist.

Alexander Hamilton had presented conclusive evidence to that effect. John Quincy Adams gave brilliantly expert opinion on that fact—and he virtually created the forty-eight-state-system, as a system; that done with a stroke of economic genius which he copied, faithfully from Benjamin Franklin, and, also, the guidance of Hamilton’s role in rescuing a young United States which would not have lasted without his four great principles built into the foundations of the United States, while serving as Secretary of the Treasury under President George Washington. [Fn. 11]

President John Quincy Adams, (the man who had inspired Abraham Lincoln) is to be considered as the heir of Hamilton on this same account. William McKinley: all three (excepting what I have already identified as the great John Quincy Adams immediately above): Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, and William McKinley, plus, later, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his brother Robert, were British-created victims of the British imperial instruments, such as British professional assassin Aaron Burr. That had been the same Burr who created both Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren as Burr’s agents, agents placed (so) in candidacy for President. In fact, an (actual) majority of our Presidents were virtually traitors to the United States, in relatively greater or lesser degree; I am quite familiar with the listings to be considered on that account.

The list of actual, or implicit traitors who served among our Presidents, had been, in large degree, tied through New York City and some related locations elsewhere, to the Dutch settlement banking in Manhattan and functionally related locations. Hence Wall Street, and such products as the role of Prescott Bush in rescuing Adolf Hitler from imprisonment for bankruptcy (in time to bring Hitler and his trappings into power in Europe), with very great support for Hitler from the British political and financial establishment of that time. Winston Churchill was no better, at bottom, but, in fact, only less dumb than the wishy-washy sort of addled creatures, such as Chamberlain, whom he had replaced.

The underlying issue, to which these present remarks refer, has all been of, broadly said, the same political-economic genre. Wall Street is a related case of extreme moral turpitude and murderous inclinations against our republic and its best heroes. It should be terminated from our republic’s agenda of policy-shaping.

To come to the relevant, concluding point of this present chapter, and all before it, is the urgency of recognizing the essential principle of intention, located early on in the leading role of Nicholas of Cusa, in and after his own time, and the expression given to that same legacy by such heirs of Christopher Columbus and Cusa, himself: as had the leaders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, who were, then, brutalized by the Dutch brutes who went on to play the grand dirty joke of invading and looting the British Isles, slaughtering the Irish, and naming their victims, the subjects of the “British empire.”

The British empire, so far, was established, under Dutch influence, as a specified de facto New Roman Empire: in every essential respect, an evil the same in spirit as the ancient Roman Empire. The creation of our own republic, a venture launched by the heirs of the Dutch-crushed Massachusetts Bay Colony, and that through the appointment of young Benjamin Franklin, who was soon proven to be a great scientific genius, the Benjamin Franklin by whom we have come to enjoy the benefits of such singular geniuses, American heroes, as the great strategist George Washington, and his economist, Alexander Hamilton. John Quincy Adams was a true echo of both, as Abraham Lincoln had been the heir of John Quincy Adams.

Our system of government, once established as a unique creation, rooted in the legacies of Nicholas of Cusa and the magnificent American quasi-nation in Massachusetts Bay, was always a unique institution, one freed, thus, from the oligarchical trappings of an oligarchical Europe, by our heroes who created our America, and was implicitly intended to be the rescue of civilization from the legacy of the Roman Empire and its precursors. Our Federal Constitution, as the reflection of the achievements of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, was a unique achievement for all mankind.

Now, burdened with the pestilence of unworthy, British-created Presidencies, with but few exceptions among the unworthy, but all-too-populous sort of the Presidential pack, we must now be returned to our true, Constitutional legacy, according to its original meaning to be found in the exceptional political figures which have been the rare, but excellent leadership to which we must return today: if, not only our republic is to enjoy its true rebirth, but, that we shall become, once more, during in these most perilous times of thermonuclear hellishness ahead, a true replica of the soul which we have rightly inherited. We must be, again, a leadership of an uncorrupted mission.

In these times, of lowest condition of corruption and other turpitudes among our leading political class, and the desperation of a menaced general population, we must do the opposite: We shall seize the potential of thermonuclear fusion, aided in that practice by the use of the “raw material” sent to our Moon, by the Sun himself. With the enhancement of the methods of thermonuclear fusion through the factor of helium-3 as an included raw material, we can be enriched out of the depths of our people’s presently desperate and worsening poverty. Three ingredients: Thermonuclear fusion as a power to drive us to achieve the necessary impossible, to inspire our depressed population with a promise which makes life, once more, an inspiration to achieve the enjoyment of living for better times, and a restored confidence in the vision of an immortal meaning of human life, as we, still living on Earth, shall soon achieve a harvest from our Moon, and from the fields of asteroids from which we shall harvest much that our future prospects will require. We shall live on Earth, better than before, but we shall never again, be merely Earthlings.


1. Not only the political Bush-family notables mentioned, but a majority of the elected Presidents of the United States of America, have placed their loyalties to the British Empire, rather than those of our United States. Prescott Bush, although never a President, his notable son, and grandson, have echoed such dubious U.S. Presidents. 

2. I.e., “energy-flux density.” 

3. “Wall Street” is essentially an implicitly treasonous branch of the British Empire, not a patriotic American association. 

4. In the aftermath of the prior Century’s Venetian calamity: e.g., the period of the Golden Renaissance: that of the scientific revolution of Filippo Brunelleschi and Nicholas of Cusa, created by them, and by their followers in their tradition: by such exemplars as Leonardo da Vinci, Johannes Kepler, and Gottfried Leibniz. 

5. I reject the commonplace (and utterly foolish) mis-use of the name of “strategy” commonplace among the clowns of today’s world. Strategy, when properly used as a term, signifies “global” in a relative, but also absolute sense. “Strategic” refers, for purposes of description: to relatively global. Thus, Christopher Columbus created what has since become the modern practical reality of the use of term “strategic,” from Eurasian to “trans-Atlantic,” and, consequently, also “trans-Pacific,” or, truly “Global.” It is the extension of speeds of transport, and the addition of “thermonuclear,” which now confronts us with a truly global form of “thermonuclear extermination” as if in a single day, or less. 

6. The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) had been underway shortly after my first Presidential pre-nomination. The brutishly-British Bushes had burned with hatred against me since Prescott’s breed learned of my identity: on, essentially, precisely that account. My active European connections played a crucial part in the launching of the project backed by President Reagan; but, surviving veterans of earlier wars fought by the U.S.A. had played a crucial part in my selection for my part in the design of the project. The brutishly British empire and George H.W. Bush’s connections, had been key agents operating against the President Reagan Administration on this account. The significance of my reference, here, to the 1980s SDI, above, is that it fits, most notably, with my prominent roles in the events in July-December 1971-72, and on later occasions. 

7. Since my somewhat “Pyrrhic victory” of 1971-72.

8. Kennedy and his brother, Robert, were notable exceptions, and Presidents Reagan and Clinton, remain as highly respectable Presidents; the later two Presidents have been political garbage (the kindest term available, all facts considered: “9-11,” for example).

9. The punctuation for this chapter, is my own. 

10. I.e., as human

11. The four principles of national economy: Report on Public Credit (January 1790); Report on a National Bank (December 1790)Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank (February 1791); and, Report on the Subject of Manufactures (December 1791). 

Appendix: A Close Circle of Friends

Christopher Columbus
Nicholas of Cusa

Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa (1401-64) was a close friend of Italian astronomer, mathematician, and geographer Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli (1394?-1482). The latter in turn was an intimate of the representative of the Portuguese royal house in Florence, Dom Gomes Ferreira da Silva, who worked with the circles of Cusa to organize the historic Council of Florence.

Dom Gomes returned to Portugal, becoming the head of the Camaldolese Order. His successor in that post was Fernão Martins, who was greatly esteemed by both Cusa and Toscanelli. Upon Cusa’s death, Martins and Toscanelli were both named as executors of his estate.

In 1474, the two men corresponded on the possibilities of sailing west to reach the Indies, and Toscanelli sent Martins a map explaining his idea. The original of this letter was lost, but Toscanelli later transcribed it, along with the map, and sent it to Christopher Columbus, whom it guided on his historic voyage.

EIR’s Timothy Rush, who told the story in EIR, Nov. 20, 1998, summed up: “It was not a question of the influence of the Cusa-Toscanelli circle on the Portugal of Henry the Navigator, but of one single circle of personal collaborators.”