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A ‘Large Selloff’ Threatens Treasury Market, Says Vanguard

April 19, 2024 (EIRNS)—National governments and financial market participants around the world are starting to look at the U.S. Treasury securities market with increasing nervousness. Every month, another roughly $250 billion in new U.S. budget deficit, and new net Treasury debt, goes out for sale. The process, which is funding all facets of the all-of-government “ruin the BRICS” policy of the Biden Administration, is causing perturbations at the IMF/World Bank meetings in Washington and protests from Asian governments of its inflationary impact.

Now Bloomberg News has reported April 19 that one of the world’s three biggest wealth management companies, Vanguard Group, says that “The Treasury market is nearing levels that risk triggering a large selloff,” if 10-year Treasury yields go past 4.75%; they are recently fluctuating between 4.60% and 4.65% and have risen by 0.30% in the past three weeks.

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