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As Russia Prepares a New Advanced Angara Rocket, Contact with NASA Remains Intact

April 17, 2024 (EIRNS)—Roscosmos Director Yuri Borisov announced today plans for the development of an upgraded Angara-5M rocket by 2027. As the Angara-5 successfully recently launched from the Vostochny Launch Site, work is continuing on an upgrade for 2027. The development of the Angara, Borisov said, gives Russia complete independence from “geopolitical circumstances” and allows launches from either Plesetsk or Vostochny, both within Russian territory.

The Angara-5 also uses kerosene and liquid hydrogen as fuel, making it more environmentally friendly than the previous heavy-lift Proton rocket, which used heptyl. The 5M which is under development will have 10% greater thrust, a new control system, navigation equipment, and an onboard video monitoring system. It will also increase the payload to 27 tons from the 24.5 tons of the present Angara-5 rocket. The Angara-5M will also be used “to send automatic interplanetary stations and devices for exploring the Solar System and deep space.”

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