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Biden’s Pitiful Planned Pier Considered an 'Occupation Port' in Gaza

April 1, 2024 (EIRNS)—In Gaza, President Joe Biden’s plan to build a floating pier to bring food supplies into the strip is seen as an “occupation port.” Turkey’s Anadolu Agency reports that while Palestinian requests for equipment to clear rubble and retrieve bodies have gone unanswered, Israeli forces, with support from the US, have been using trucks and bulldozers to transport thousands of tons of rubble from demolished homes in Gaza, along with body parts, to the shore of the disaster-stricken area to be used in the construction of the new pier.

Speaking to Anadolu, Palestinian political analyst Usame Abdulhadi accused the US and Israel of not being honest about the project. “If they were honest, the trucks and massive bulldozers entering Gaza to build the port would have stepped up to rescue thousands of wounded who continue to bleed to death under the rubble of homes destroyed by the occupying state (Israel),” he said. “This pier will be built to strengthen Israel’s sovereignty on the coast, to render the Rafah Border Crossing ineffective, to end Palestinian sovereignty, and to encourage the migration of the people of Gaza,” Abdulhadi warned.

Underlining that Israel has blockaded Gaza, closed border crossings, and hindered the entry of humanitarian aid, he said: “Israel’s taking this step without obtaining a hidden benefit is illogical. It appears that this situation is actually linked to encouraging the migration of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip.” Abdulhadi said the US and Israel seek to control part of the Gaza coast under the pretext of protecting the pier, facilitating the delivery of humanitarian aid, and preventing Hamas from controlling the area.

“This is an occupation port, allowing the US military entry into the borders of Gaza,” he added.