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British Expert Says IDF Used High Precision Missiles to Kill Aid Workers

April 5, 2024 (EIRNS)—The Times of London reported on April 3, citing a British military expert, that the Israel Defense Force (IDF) likely employed Spike missiles in the April 1 attack on the World Central Kitchen convoy in which 7 aid workers were killed in Gaza. The Spike missile is a lightweight anti-tank precision guided missile that can be fired from helicopters or ground launchers. “It’s absolutely perfectly accurate,” Chris Lincoln-Jones, a former British Army major who spent five years studying IDF weaponry in Israel, said, after studying images of the shattered convoy, and the vehicles’ roofs pierced cleanly by the weapon. “If you aim at the driver’s side, you will hit the driver full-on. If you were across the street from the car, you’d be shaken up and you might be hit by a few splinters, but you would survive.”

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