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China Says the Country Blocking Ceasefire in Gaza ‘Will Not Be Forgiven’

April 25, 2024 (EIRNS)—For more than six months, the United States has been unrelenting in its determination to block any UN Security Council action which would impose a ceasefire to the war against the Gaza Strip, to thus open the way for a lasting, peaceful resolution to the catastrophe now occurring.

Asked at his press briefing today to comment on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Chinese Foreign Ministry Press Spokesman Wang Wenbin laid the mounting mass death and casualties at the doorstep of “the country” which is blocking Security Council action, as he reminded those assembled, that time passing means lives lost. He answered:

“The Gaza conflict has passed its 200-day mark. The Palestinian death toll has exceeded 30,000 and civilian casualties exceeded 110,000. This appalling humanitarian disaster challenges the moral conscience that underpins human civilization and has exposed the hypocrisy of certain countries who claim to `uphold and safeguard human rights.’

“Time is life. The conflict in Gaza must stop. Indifference to the killings of women and children in Gaza cannot be tolerated. Blocking the UN Security Council’s effort to create a ceasefire in Gaza will not be forgiven.

“We urge [the] relevant country to stop blocking UNSC actions, and call on relevant parties to fully implement Security Council Resolution 2728, realize an unconditional and durable ceasefire, and ensure unimpeded and sustainable humanitarian access to bring an early end to this catastrophe on the Palestinians and stop this disgrace on human civilization.”