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Chinese Foreign Ministry Official Lays Out a Negotiating Memorandum for Blinken

April 24, 2024 (EIRNS)—In preparation for Secretary of State Tony Blinken’s three-day visit to China over April 24-26, Yang Tau, the Executive Director of the North America and Oceanian Affairs department of China’s Foreign Ministry, offered a detailed briefing April 22 presenting what Global Times called a “negotiating memorandum” for Blinken. Aside from presenting the five major objectives of the visit— establishing correct perceptions, enhancing dialogue, effectively managing differences, advancing mutually beneficial cooperation, and jointly undertaking the responsibilities of a major country—the 3,000-word statement is very critical in tone, and is clearly a shot across the bow.

As quoted by South China Morning Post, the document charges that Washington has “seriously harmed” Chinese interests with moves to suppress the country’s economy and trade. U.S. interference in the South China Sea is not welcomed—the U.S. is “sowing discord” between Beijing and its neighbors. “This is not removing risks but creating risks. The United States is stubbornly advancing its strategy to contain China and continues to adopt wrong words and deeds that interfere in China’s internal affairs, smear China’s image and harm China’s interests.”

The document accuses the U.S. of “the malicious intention of curbing and suppressing China’s industrial development, aiming to seek a more favorable competitive position and market advantage. It is naked economic coercion and bullying.” Yang Tau responded to U.S. allegations of Chinese “overcapacity,” as enunciated on April 5 by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, as a “false narrative,” and “outright economic coercion and bullying.” Moreover, “we firmly oppose the U.S. politicizing economic, trade and science and technology issues and warn the U.S. that suppressing China’s science and technology is … depriving the Chinese people of their legitimate rights to development. China will respond resolutely.”

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