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Russia’s Duma Speaker Reveals, U.S. Debt Disaster Drives U.S. to Wars

April 16, 2024 (EIRNS)—Vyacheslav Volodin, the Speaker of the Russian State Duma, argues that the U.S. war policy is being driven by its debt situation. “According to the recent U.S. Treasury data, its deficit in March reached $236 billion. This is an established negative trend. Today, about 28% of U.S. budget expenditures are financed by debt. Money is usually borrowed from other states,” he posted on his Telegram channel. Of note, the posting was circulated as a Duma press release.

“At the same time, the debt servicing costs are the most problematic item of expenditure: the amount of interest payments in the near future will cost about a third of U.S. budget revenues,” Volodin added. “The ‘ultra boundary’ growth of the American national debt shows that Washington has no plans to pay it back.”

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