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Ecuador's President Has ‘Zero’ Regrets About Raid on Mexico's Embassy

April 16, 2024 (EIRNS)—In an April 15 interview with Australia’s SBS News, Ecuador’s millionaire President Daniel Noboa was asked if he had any regrets about ordering the April 5 raid by his security forces on the Mexican embassy in Quito to kidnap former Vice President Jorge Glas. He replied, “Zero.” Recall that Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) had said that, unless it received an official apology from Noboa, his government would submit its complaint against Ecuador to the International Court of Justice and request Ecuador’s expulsion from the United Nations. Noboa has now given his answer.

The arrogant 36-year-old Noboa, whose father is Ecuador’s wealthiest man, complained that many embassies use political asylum as a “facade” to protect criminals and “protect impunity.” Jorge Glas is a criminal, he said. He had a “fair trial,” was sentenced, and “he should have been in jail.” Moreover, Noboa charged, Glas had planned to escape from the embassy and, had he done so using Mexican vehicles or aircraft, “I would have appeared too weak.” Now, “I’m seen as a tough guy. You can’t please everyone.”

He rationalized his actions by charging that Mexico was guilty of violating the Vienna Convention—no details— as well as the 1954 Caracas Convention on asylum, by granting asylum to someone who had been convicted and sentenced. “Given Mexico’s violation, we had to act, we had to make a decision. I have no regrets.” Asked about the security footage that shows what the interviewer described as the “incredible violence” the police used inside the embassy, carrying assault weapons, he lamely countered that embassy personnel had “hit” Ecuadorian police!

How to solve the diplomatic crisis between Mexico and Ecuador? Smiling, Noboa said he’d like to invite AMLO to come to discuss the matter over ceviche—a typical tropical fish dish—"and maybe tacos”—as if the gross violation of international law could be resolved over tacos. This could occur, he said flippantly, “whenever he’s ready.” The Mexican President, in his daily press conference this morning, was asked how he will respond to Noboa’s invitation. He simply responded, dismissively: “I have no comment, because this is not a frivolous matter.”