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Emory University Faculty Traumatized by Storm Trooper Tactics at Gaza Protest

April 29, 2024 (EIRNS)—On Saturday April 27, faculty held a meeting at Emory University to discuss the violent police response on April 25 to a peaceful demonstration on campus. It had been the biggest faculty meeting in at least 20 years, yet several of the faculty were reportedly so stunned by the police brutality that they considered even a faculty meeting too stressful to attend.

One female professor did not even participate in the protest, but happened to be passing by when a state trooper told her to get on the ground. When the professor tried to explain that she was part of the faculty, the officer pointed a rifle loaded with rubber bullets at her forehead. The professor says that she no longer feels safe in her work environment and refuses to return to campus. She is talking with her attorney about taking legal action against unsafe working conditions.

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