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Frank Sieren: China Mediation in the Ukraine War Is Near to a Breakthrough

April 10, 2024 (EIRNS)—According to Frank Sieren, a well-known China-based German journalist, Beijing’s mediation in the Ukraine conflict is close to a breakthrough. Statements by Kyiv Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba after the March visits to Kyiv, Moscow, Brussels and other European capitals by mediator Li Hui are one among several indicators.

“Beijing’s position today: the war should be ended as quickly as possible. Ukraine should neither become part of Russia nor part of the EU or even NATO. As far as Ukraine’s borders are concerned, Beijing diplomats are sober behind the scenes: the pre-war borders may not be able to be fully restored,” Sieren wrote in the Berliner Zeitung on April 8.

“China presented a 12-point peace plan back in February 2023. It was criticized in the West for being too vague and too neutral, and was also considered too lenient towards Moscow. For the BRICS+ countries, on the other hand, the plan is so open that as many people as possible can come to terms with it and accept a global consensus. This seems to be the direction in which things are now moving. Beijing likes to emphasize that it is under no time pressure. But peace would also bring the Chinese more stability, calm and predictability.”

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