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George Galloway We're on the Verge of Winning ‘Palestine’ Issue in Britain

April 4, 2024 (EIRNS)—George Galloway, a leading anti-war and anti-NATO activist in the U.K., who recently shocked the Empire by winning a seat in the Parliament, posted an optimistic tweet yesterday, perhaps in response to the public letter from 600 British lawyers, judges, and academics to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak demanding an end to British support for genocide in the form of British weapons to Israel (see accompanying report). Galloway’s tweet read:

“We stand on the verge of a victory on the #Palestinian issue in Britain. Whatever the proximate cause of the imminent collapse of U.K. support for the #Israeli position, it is a cumulation of decades of struggle and endurance by the people who refused to go into the museum, to be an ‘ex-nation.’ It is a tribute to decades of activism too from millions of people which I have seen with my own eyes. We welcome all changes for the better and with grace. But for us there is unfinished business.…”